The Fusion Collection: Adventure Gear Site Reviews Archer & Elinor

For those who see things differently, Randolph sunglasses are worth a look.

Trail & Kale, a travel and adventure site with tips and reviews to help you while hiking, camping, trail running and living a plant-based lifestyle, recently reviewed two styles from Randolph’s Fusion Collection: Elinor and Archer.

Randolph styles are engineered for durability, built according to strict military standards, and built with responsibly sourced materials, including our acetate sunglasses.


Archer in Dark Ruthenium and Matte Dark Havana Inlay frame with SkyForce Air™ Cape Sand lens


Elinor in 22k Rose Gold and Matte Brown Horn Inlay frame with SkyForce Air™ Cape Sand lens

Trail & Kale: Fusion Collection Receives 9.3/10 Rating

While Randolphs are built for durability, the Fusion Collection adds luxury features to classic aviator styles.

Each frame is hand in-laid with Mazzuchelli acetate to bring additional comfort and premium style to your Fall-through-Spring fashion.

Quality – 9.5/10

“The Elinor and Archer sunglasses in the Fusion Collection are available with brown / tan colored lenses, which are specifically designed to reduce glare and block blue light, so they’re ideal for Fall through Spring when there are likely to be more cloudy days, where these lenses can help improve contrast, especially against green and blue backgrounds… All frames are made over six weeks, mostly by hand, and are built to the same standard as the frames Randolph supplies to the US military, so they are designed to be durable.”

Our Fusion Collection lenses are made with our specially-designed SkyForce Air™ Technology. The gradient light-weight lens has a darker tint at the top of the lens to offer sun protection, while the lighter bottom is perfect for reading or viewing up-close objects. This type of lens is also perfect for colder months, such as September through March, when the sun is dim and close to eye-level. The lens also includes advanced features such as anti-reflective back sides, blue light protection and protection from infrared rays, as well as 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Gain a New Perspective.

See for yourself.

Design & Function – 10/10

“The differentiator for these models in the Fusion Aviator Sunglasses Collection is that the Elinor and Archer frames include premium lightweight inlays made from ‘Mazzucchelli Acetate’, adding a stylish twist and a lighter overall weight to the sunglasses.”

Mazzuchelli is a family-run Italian acetate manufacturer, founded in 1849, and provides much of the highest-quality acetate in the world. As a family-run brand ourselves, we seek to support similar businesses. Pairing Randolph’s handcrafted, American-made styles with legendary acetate brings a new world of heritage to our aviator styles.

Handcrafted to Perfection.

6 weeks. 50+ experts. 200 steps.

Durability – 8.5/10

“The lenses, as with other Randolph sunglasses, are also scratch resistant for long lasting clarity and durability, but are especially lightweight due to the use of acetate, which is slimmer and lighter than Randolph’s other Fusion sunglasses in the collection… All Randolph Sunglasses also come with a lifetime guarantee on the soldered joints, meaning they stand behind their manufacturing quality and promise to repair or replace any broken solder joint for the lifetime of the frame.”

All Randolph sunglasses undergo rigorous quality testing. From wear testing to drop-ball testing, we stand by our military-spec quality. All of our styles have indestructible solder joints and stay-snug screws so that if you ever have an issue, you can take advantage of our lifetime warranty or repair program if the issue is outside your warranty.

Built to last a lifetime.

Or two.

Comfort – 9/10

“I love how unique Randolph’s Elinor and Archer Fusion sunglasses are, and how wearing them makes you feel. Like a good hair cut or well-fitting pair of leggings/jeans, there’s something about wearing a comfortable pair of premium sunglasses that makes you feel good – that they’re going to last, look good, and most importantly, do a good job of protecting your eyes regardless of what activities you may be doing while wearing them.”

Premium acetate brings soft luxury to the texture of your aviators. Most Randolph styles contain acetate on the temple tips for a smooth over-the-ear feel. The Fusion Collection brings this comfort in-laid around your lenses, allowing a softer texture to come close to your face while you’re in the cold, and gives you an overall more comfortable feel to wear your aviators for longer while outdoors.

Premium acetate.

Luxury comfort.

For more reviews by Trail & Kale, be sure to check out their review of Randolph’s flagship Aviator, also scoring 9.3/10.

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