SkyTec™ Lens Technology

Standard-Issue to the U.S. Military Since 1982

Developed with military aviation in mind to safeguard a pilot’s most important asset—his vision.


Whether you’re taking to the skies in an F-18 or going on your beach vacation, SkyTec™ will help you make the most of your visual experience.


SkyTec™ Lens Tints

Optimizes your view of the world.

SkyTec™ GRAY

Worn by U.S. military pilots and NASA astronauts.
Allows all colors to come through naturally and without distortion—true color reception.

USE: Best for bright overhead sunlight.

SkyTec™ AGX

Reduces eye fatigue with a unique green tint that selectively filters colors.

USE: Best for outdoor activities in varying light.

SkyTec™ TAN

This high contrast lens minimizes scattered blue light to optimize contrast and sharpen detail.

USE: Best for bright, overcast days and low light situations.


Eases eye strain and manages light transmittance


Provides extreme strength and durability

100% UVA/UVB

Complete protection at the highest altitudes


Sun protection with zero distortion


The U.S. military demands the best. You should too.


Developed with military aviation in mind to safeguard a pilot’s most important asset—his vision.
Each lens is engineered to precise optical and durability standards, with 100% UVA/UVB protection.


Designed to withstand the damaging effects of weathering


Scratch resistant coating for long lasting clarity and durability


Tested for impact resistance by ¼-inch steel ball drop from three feet away

“Good enough for fighter pilots, good enough for us.”
– Esquire Magazine


Engineered for seeing the world.

SkyTec™ Mineral Glass

SkyTec™ Mineral Glass lenses are ground and polished to provide distortion-free optical clarity, then chemically-tempered to help resist breakage and scratches. World-renowned for superior vision, they’re also drop ball-tested with a ¼-inch steel ball from three feet away to meet FDA and ANSI safety standards.

SkyTec™ Performance PC

A durable hard coat helps prevent scratches. SkyTec™ Performance PC lenses are made from the same material we use to make our professional shooting eyewear: optical-grade, shatter-resistant polycarbonate.

SkyTec™ Lite Lens

SkyTec™ Lite Lens technology combines the optical clarity of our standard lenses with lightweight durability. Anti-reflective performance coating cuts light reflection even further for maximum comfort.