For many years, some of Hollywood’s biggest stylists and propmasters have chosen to include Randolph frames in their accessories wardrobes. Many celebrites have their own personal pairs to wear off-set, and will often request to wear Randolphs in new Movies and TV series they star in! Randolph do not pay for placements or sponsorships.

1.  Johnny Depp wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses daily.

2. Tom Cruise  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses and Randolph Concorde sunglasses daily and in movies including American Made  and  Oblivion.

3. Zac Efron  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Baywatch.

4. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson  wears Randolph Archer sunglasses in Rampage.

5. John Krasinski  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.

6. Emma Stone  wears Randolph P3 sunglasses in Netflix series, Maniac.

7. Al Pacino  wears Randolph Concordes in Danny Collins.

8. Ellen DeGeneres  wears Randolph Concorde sunglasses casually.

9. Elijah Wood  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses casually.

10. Kid Rock  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses casually.

11. Jon Hamm  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in the AMC series Mad Men.

12.  Sam Jaeger  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in American Sniper . 

13. Jamie Foxx wears Randolph Intruder sunglasses in Sleepless.

14. Tim Daly  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Madame Secretary.

15. Ryan Gosling  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in The Nice Guys.

16. Ethan Hawke  wears Randolph Aviator Sunglasses in Good Kill.

17. Jerry Seinfeld  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

18. Michael Weatherly  wears Randolph Concorde sunglasses in CBS series Bull and  NCIS.

19. Vanessa Ray  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in CBS series Blue Bloods.

20. George Clooney  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses The Three Kings.

21. Alex O'loughlin   wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses  in Hawaii 5-0.

22. Jimmy Buffett  wears Randolph Sportsman sunglasses in Hawaii 5-0.

23. Nikolaj Coster Waldau  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in The Other Woman.

24. Benjamin Bratt wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses  in Miss Congeniality.

25. Elyes Gabel  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in CBS series Scorpion.

26. Ben Kingsley  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Marvel's Iron Man.

27. Robert Patrick  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in CBS series Scorpion.

28. Ben Kingsley  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Marvel's  Iron Man. 

29. Amy Adams  wears Randolph Concorde sunglasses casually.

30. Ciara Princess Harris  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses casually.

31. Russell Wilson  wears Randolph Archer sunglasses casually.

32. Bridget Moynahan  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Blue Bloods.

33. Eric Bana  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Deliver Us From Evil.

34. Matt Barr  wears Randolph Aviators in CBS show Valor.

35. Liev Schreiber  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Showtime series Ray Donovan.

36. Jay Harrington  wears Randolph Aviator Sunglasses in CBS series S.W.A.T.

37. David Muir  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses casually. 

38. Titus Welliver  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Bosch.

39. Glen Powell  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Set it Up.

40. James Greer  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

41. Brie Larson  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Captain Marvel.

42. Demi Moore  wears Randolph Aviator Fusion sunglasses in Corporate Animals.

43. Pete Frates  wore Randolph Aviator sunglasses with Atlantic Blue lens.

44. Elyes Gabel  wore Randolph Aviator sunglasses with American Gray lens  in Scorpion.

45. Robert Patrick  wore Randolph Aviator sunglasses with American Gray lens  in Scorpion.

46. Ryan Reynolds  wore Randolph Aviator sunglasses in 6 Underground .

47. Manuel Garcia  wears Randolph Concorde sunglasses in 6 Underground.

48. Brad Pitt  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

49. Jason Kelc  wears Randolph Concorde sunglasses casually.

50. Damian Lewis  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in  Billions.

51. Sam Rockwell  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in The Best of Enemies.

52. Woody Harrelson  wears Randolph Intruder sunglasses in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

53. Seth Rogan  wears Randolph Concorde sunglasses in Long Shot.

54. Dennis Quade wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Flight Of The Phoenix.

55. Wendell Pierce  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Jack Ryan.

56. Will Arnett  wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

57Laurence Fishburne  wears 23k Gold Randolph Aviator sunglasses  in 21

58. Jason Statham wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Wild Card.

59Andy Garcia wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in A Dark Truth.

60. Steve Carell wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Space Force.

61. Kendall Jenner wears Randolph P3 Round sunglasses casually.

62. Jamie Foxx wears Randolph Intruder sunglasses in Project Power.

63. Jason Bateman wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses casually and in Horrible Bosses 2.

64. James Badge Dale wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in 13 Hours.

65. Naomi Watts wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Demolition.

66. Dominic West wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Money Monster.

67. Joel Kinnaman wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in For All Mankind.

68. Sarah Jones wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in For All Mankind.

69. Rami Malek wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in The Little Things.

70. George Clooney wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Boston while Filming The Tender Bar.

71. Brad Pitt wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses casually while out and about in Brussels.

72. Clint Eastwood wears Randolph Concorde 23k Gold sunglasses in Cry Macho.

73. Morris Chestnut wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in Our Kind of People.

74. James Corden wears Randolph Concorde sunglasses on The Late Late Show.

75. Christopher Meloni wears Randolph Concorde sunglasses on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

76. Jensen Ackles wears Randolph Gunmetal Aviator sunglasses in Big Sky.

77. Martin Freeman wears Randolph 23k Gold Aviator sunglasses in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

78. Glen Powell wears Randolph 23k Gold Aviator sunglasses in Devotion.

79. Isla Fisher wears Randolph 23k Satin Gold P3 sunglasses casually.

80. Genevieve Morton wears Randolph Matte Black Concorde sunglasses casually.