Mirrored Sunglasses 

Make a Statement with Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses for men and women are some of the trendiest fashion accessories worldwide. From your favorite characters on television to real-world celebrities attending red-carpet events, reflective glasses are everywhere. Be bold and make a statement. See the world differently with our high-quality mirror coating and premium metal frames. Create an aura of mystery and intrigue as you take on the challenges of the day with your premium mirrored sunglasses from Randolph.

Benefits of Mirrored Sunglasses

Why wear these unique sunglasses? Mirror lenses offer numerous practical benefits to reduce eyestrain, protect your vision, and deliver a head-turning style. When you choose reflective sunglasses, you not only look good but you feel good too.

Improve Your Visual Experience

These sunglasses are designed with lenses engineered to improve your visual experience. Brighten your vision, improve your visual clarity, and be out in the sun for longer. Mirrored sunglasses from Randolph are engineered for those who enjoy long hours in the sunshine. Never compromise with reflective lenses.

UV Protection

Eye damage is a serious issue that can impact your quality of life. Protect yourself from the damaging UV rays of the sun with lenses with UV coverage. Both our polarized and non-polarized lenses come with special coatings that not only protects your eyes but the skin around your eyes as well.


Hard on your sunglasses? Reflective lens scratch-resistance is far superior to ordinary lenses. With Randolph, you get only the strongest lenses. We specialize in building glasses designed not only for the challenges of daily life but for the rigors of the battlefield. From pilots soaring above the clouds to the brave soldiers fighting for our freedom, our glasses can stand against the toughest situations.

Reduces Glare

Cruising down the highway, walking the streets, or hiking in the mountains present one difficulty: glare. Mirrored lenses are designed to reduce glare like no other eyewear. Tackle the frustrations of glare by wearing your Randolph glasses and enjoy perfect vision — whatever the weather.


Add a touch of mystery or simply block out the world as you power through the day. Mirrored sunglasses offer full anonymity by providing a full mirror image when someone looks into your eyes. Stay camouflaged as you protect your unique style with Randolph mirrored sunglasses for women and men.

A Selection of Unique Styles

Embrace your truth with the ultimate practical and stylish fashion accessory. Our customers refuse to compromise on what they stand for and the image they want to protect. Buy mirrored sunglasses from Randolph and choose from a variety of lens styles, colors, and standout gradients. We are so much more than a maker of glasses; we support our customers in being who they are, wherever they are.

So, why choose reflective sunglasses? Men's and women’s sunglasses should never be an after-thought. Randolph is a third-generation family-run business steeped in American heritage. We engineer our mirrored sunglasses the same way we always have.

Not all mirror sunglasses were created equal; Randolph gives you only the best.

Built to Last a Lifetime

Our forefathers always believed in the American values of good, honest hard work. Today, these values continue to be the force that drives Randolph to produce high-quality mirrored sunglasses. Men’s and women’s eyewear may have different features, but we believe that quality should always be consistent.

Every pair of reflective sunglasses takes six weeks for us to make. We follow an intricate 200-step process involving 50 artisan craftspeople. The traditions of premium metalworking continue to be reflected in every single pair of mirrored sunglasses.

For perfection in your next pair of premium sunglasses, Randolph is the only choice.

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