Bayonet Vs. Skull Temples: Exploring Randolph Sunglasses Styles


Updated: MAY 09, 2023

One question we often get from our customers is “what is the difference between bayonet and skull temples?” And of course, “which one is better”? While for most of our customers it will come down to a matter of personal preference, there are some key differences between our two most popular temple types.


The bayonet temple has become a staple in the Randolph tradition. Many people like its clean, classic look, as well as comfort. This temple style shoots straight back from the lens frames to the ears without curving down.

Randolph USA signature Bayonet Temple Tips

While the design may be considered fashionable today, the true origin of the bayonet temple is about function. The initial purpose of this was to allow pilots to easily put on and remove their sunglasses while wearing a helmet or headset. Bayonet temples’ uncurled style makes it easy to slip on and off, but a slight wrap assures the wearer that they will stay in place.

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Skull temples are often considered the more traditional temple type, and are commonly found on most styles of glasses and sunglasses. The skull temple stays secure on the wearer’s head by wrapping down around the ear. This style is easy to modify to the wearer’s comfort, however if incorrectly adjusted, can cause irritation or pressure behind the ear.

For most sunglass wearers, the choice between these two temple types will ultimately come down to personal style and comfort. Check out our selection of Randolph Sunglasses online to see which style works for you!

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