Can My Sunglasses Get Wet?

Sunglass fans are known for wearing their shades through thick and thin. Whether in

the rain, snow or hail, or even while on the water, fans are proud to always see through their unique perspective.

Randolph sunglasses are engineered for the extraordinary. Not only does our style pay respect to a bold, all-American heritage, we also build our aviators with only the best materials available. But wearing your sunglasses in all conditions begs the question: Can my sunglasses get wet?

White Gold Aviator

Aviator in White Gold frame and Blue Hydro SkyTec™ lens

Why Can Sunglasses Get Wet?

Randolph sunglasses are made of metal and designed to bend but never break. We use only the most precious jewelry-quality metals for our sunglasses, including 23k Gold. These jewelry-quality coatings are highly durable and double-baked for longevity. Randolph sunglasses are plated at five times the industry standard. This means they are polished to perfection to be resistant from rust and scratches.

As with any metal, if your sunglasses come into frequent contact with salt water or heavy perspiration, the finish may become compromised over time. We urge you to wash your frames with fresh water after a heavy day on the ocean, for example.

Our lenses are also created with proprietary SkyTec™ Lens Technology with glass and other highly durable materials. They are drop-ball tested and wear tested to last in the most challenging environments. Randolph’s lens coatings also help repel oil and mud. This allows water droplets to bead on your lenses so you will have a clear view back to normal in no time after getting splashed.

When your sunglasses are engineered to the highest quality standards, you’ll want to take the best care of them. That’s why we give a microfiber carrying pouch and real, authentic case with each purchase.

Originally designed for military use, Randolph has kept its durable heritage intact.

White Gold & Blue Hydro Lens: The Best for Water Protection

Hydrophobic lenses, the best sunglasses for exposure to water. Try Randolph's White Gold collection. | Randolph Engineering

Our best sunglasses to wear around the water comes from the White Gold Collection.

This unique collection of frames is plated with Rhodium, one of the world’s rarest metals saved for high-quality jewelry. The metal on these frames will withstand conditions similar to how a diamond ring will last a lifetime.

Even more importantly, the Blue Hydro Lens from this collection contains hydrophobic features. While it represents Randolph Engineering’s sapphire anniversary marking 45 years dedicated to eyewear, the lens has a dual purpose.

The light blue color is perfect for outdoor clarity and makes the colors of nature pop to life. The backside anti-reflective coating improves visual acuity, while preventing bounce back light from entering the lens.

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