Graduation Gifts for Him & Her: Authentic Aviator Sunglasses

Graduations are once in a lifetime, so choose a graduation gift that will last a lifetime. Or two.

Randolph sunglasses will bring your grad’s vision and style to the next level. Much like how one’s perspective on life grows, superior lenses can make a world of difference. Premium metals allow graduation gift sunglasses to shine just like a nice watch or piece of jewelry, but is an even more functional gift.

Engrave your college graduation gift with his or her name on the inner temple, too. Personalized graduation gifts are remembered every day.

The Aviator

Randolph’s flagship Aviator with American Gray SkyTec™ lens and Matte Chrome frame

Why Aviators as Graduation Gifts?

1. A classic and timeless aviator style for setting the best first impressions in a new career.

2. Functional purpose for protecting your grad’s sight through their journey.

3. Luxury comfort with jewelry-quality metals, superior lenses and soft acetate.

4. Engraved and personalized to be treasured by your grad for years to come.

SkyTec™ Lens Technology

Gain a new perspective.

Graduation Gifts for Her

While traditional college graduation gifts for her are hard to choose, authentic aviators are the perfect fit.

Aviators are an American icon, representing the American dream and honoring traditions behind modern aviation. Aviator sunglasses are bold, powerful and unisex, with many styles specially designed for women. Choose a graduation gift that will send the message she’s ready to take on her career in style. Randolph offers many styles that are named in honor of female aviators, including Amelia Earhart and Louise Thaden. Take a look at our celebrity sightings to see if your grad’s favorite actress has recently worn Randolphs.


Thaden with AGX Green SkyForce™ lens and 23k Gold frame



Graduation Gifts for Him

The best unique graduation gifts for him are practical, blend with his work attire and fit his personal style.

Help the young adult in your life set their sights on new beginnings. Randolph sunglasses are meaningful, useful and long-lasting college graduation gifts. Many young adults use their phones to check the time and just don’t appreciate a nice watch like past generations. Sunglasses, on the other hand, will help your grad maintain healthy sight and will bring a classic look with him to the workforce.


Anderson with Mystic Blue SkyForce-P™ lens and Matte Chrome frame




Pilot Graduation

Do you have a friend or family member graduating from pilot school? Pilot graduations are the perfect time to gift a pair of authentic, military-grade aviators. Randolph offers sunglasses for pilots, worn by the US Military for over 40 years. They’re battle tested and ready for adventure.

Commercial pilots, airline pilots and fighter pilots have all staked their sight on Randolph Engineering for decades. Start your pilot grad off right with a pair of Aviators that will last a lifetime.


Aviator in American Gray SkyTec™ lens and Matte Chrome frame


Aviator II


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