Are Aviator Sunglasses Unisex?

Would You Like to Trade Shades?


We’ve had many people ask us- Are these sunglasses for guys or girls or are they unisex? The answer is YES.

To clarify, Randolph eyewear is engineered to flatter both men’s and women’s face shapes. Historically, men and women have been swapping clothes and fashion trends for centuries. For example, look at Louis XIV of France and his 4-inch heels. Word is he wore high heels because of his small stature. In more recent history, actress Katharine Hepburn made herself a fashion icon after effortlessly pulling off menswear. In some cases, even better than the men did! That being said, the best thing about fashion is breaking the rules. And the best way to wear anything is with confidence.


Eyewear for Everyone


Since we all come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different noses and ears etc., glasses need to be versatile. With comfort and fit in mind, Randolph builds durable, jewelry-quality unisex metal frames. Metal frames are easy to adjust to fit to each wearer- from the nose pads to the temples. On top of that, our assortment of frame sizes, finishes and lens colors allow you to choose the style that suits your individuality.

Now after making glasses for over 40 years, Randolph has some expertise on which of our styles suit different personalities. See our list below. Do any of these fit you or are you a rule-breaker?

Round Glasses

These frames may be worn by someone who is imaginative, creative, fashion forward, doesn’t mind being the center of attention and perhaps does not take themselves too seriously.

Square Glasses

The wearer of the square or rectangular styles tend to be more pulled together, they know what they want, they are grounded and a bit more serious.

Teardrop Glasses

These shades say that a person is secretive but not necessarily shy, they are classic, adaptable and probably have a lot of friends.

Wrap Style Glasses

This style exudes the outdoors. Even if this person is in a suit in an office somewhere, they are probably wishing they were downhill skiing or fishing. They like adventure and are generally likable.

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