Can I Wear Aviators With a Suit?

When it comes to male fashion, accessories can go a long way. It’s tough to find just the right items to complete an outfit, especially when going to a formal event.

Suits are a classic. They always belong when the moment calls for your best self. Some women also enjoy wearing suits, revamping this style for the chic, modern era.

Randolph Aviators are another classic style originating many decades ago for military pilots. They’re durable and fashionable while honoring a style full of heritage.

The question still remains: Do aviators pair well with suits, and should I wear them together?

Aviators & Suits: Why Wear Them Together?

A wedding party wears handcrafted aviators in suits and dresses. | Randolph Engineering

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Suits most often come in a solid color jacket and pants paired with a collared shirt, tie, belt and leather shoes. The style typically contains dark colors, especially for weddings, and calls for a clean-shaven face, but not always. Watches and sunglasses are two men’s accessories that pair perfectly together for this outfit.

When most people think of aviators, they picture the teardrop style lens dating back to WWII. Many aviator styles evolved from this first shape debuted by pilots of the era.

The Randolph Aviator, instead, contains a square shape. These lenses carry a more professional air without the worn-out style some imagine with teardrop shaped lenses.

The Randolph Aviator is built to strict military specifications with authenticity, but also with a modern and all-American look. Every pair of Randolphs are manufactured by hand in Randolph, Massachusetts. With over 50 experts and over 200 steps, these sunglasses are molded, soldered and polished to perfection.

The Aviator Specifications:

  • 23K gold and other premium-quality finishes for durability & scratch resistance
  • Lifetime warranty on all frames
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Handcrafted in the USA in 200+ steps
  • Available in signature bayonet or standard temples
  • Military-issued since 1978
  • Self-adjusting cushioned nose pads
  • Includes leather case and cleaning cloth pouch

A bride and groom wearing aviators. | Randolph EngineeringWhen Not To Wear Aviators With a Suit

There’s really no instance when sunglasses can not be paired with a suit. Just make sure your Aviators pair well instead of clashing. For example, pinstripe suits and suits with bold designs or colors call for eyewear to provide a complimentary “pop.”

The P3 pays homage to the military, first designed for submariners, and the shape has been adopted by musicians, celebrities and trend setters alike. The round frame behind the P3 and our plethora of color hues from the P3 Shadow makes these the ideal styles to check out when coming up with a suit pairing to truly stand out.

You might also be interested in our Infinity Collection of lenses which combines a mirrored look with gradient colors.

Sunglasses for Formal Events

The Concorde is Randolph’s frame paying homage to the teardrop style. This eyewear comes in a wide range of lens colors and premium metal to choose from. Pairing the right lens and metal could be what you’re looking for to maintain the teardrop aviator style while bringing something new to your look.

Women who are seeking a sunglass style full of heritage may like the Amelia, named after Amelia Earhart. This aviator style contains a wrap-around lens and slight teardrop shape for an elegant shape. A favorite in this style is the Chocolate Gold frame finish color.

All Randolph sunglasses are designed with features to last a lifetime — or two. We encourage our fans to take a look at their ideal frames based on face shapes.

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