Which Pair of Sunglasses Should I Travel With?

Randolph sunglasses are engineered to travel with you around the world.

No matter your adventure, these travel sunglasses with durable frames and lenses will withstand daily challenges. Whether you’re a pilot, athlete, or tastemaker, Randolphs are built with only the most durable, premium materials to fit your lifestyle.

When setting out on your next journey, carefully consider which pair to travel with, and also how to travel with it in the safest way.

Sunglasses to travel with should be durable and express your personality. The Aviator is perfect. | Randolph Engineering

The Aviator

The Aviator in Matte Chrome frame and SkyForce Air™ Northern Lights Lens

We recommend checking out our guide on choosing the best sunglasses for your face shape to find the most flattering pair. This will tell you the ideal style to fit your unique features and will help you flaunt your best self, no matter where you’re headed.

However, if you’re looking for the most iconic pair of Randolph sunglasses to wear while traveling, choose the Aviator. The Aviator is our flagship pair of sunglasses, originally designed for pilots. These sunglasses come with a wealth of heritage and they honor decades of dedication to aviation. Since 2018, every pair of Randolph sunglasses comes with an authentic case and inner microfiber pouch to keep your eyewear safe for years to come.

Each pair of Randolphs are handcrafted in over 200 steps, made entirely in America. We use only the most valuable metals, including 23k Gold, for a jewelry-quality and highly durable finish. The lenses on these travel sunglasses are specially crafted with SkyTec™ Lens Technology, drop-ball tested and scratch resistant, in color hues you’ve only dreamed of.

When traveling, you might find recognition for this American-made style, built right here in Randolph, Massachusetts.

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How to Not Lose Your Sunglasses

More importantly, when you’re out and about on your next vacation or on the road to your next business venture, it’s important to keep track of your sunglasses.

It’s very easy to lose your travel sunglasses as you’re constantly taking them on and off when walking into buildings.

Follow these tips to keep track of them while away from home:

1. Never place your sunglasses in your front shirt pocket, hanging from your collar, or on top of your head. These are easy places for your sunglasses to fall from. Placing your sunglasses on top of your head will also lead to your lenses wearing out of shape.

2. When taking your sunglasses off while traveling, place them in the microfiber pouch. This will keep your sunglasses from being scratched, damaged or left behind on a surface. When placing your sunglasses loosely in your pocket, they might also come out while your reach for your wallet or other items in the way.

3. Keep your sunglasses on yourself. The microfiber pouch contains two strings, perfect for tying around a belt loop and sliding the case into your pocket securely. An inner pocket on a jacket is ideal. A fanny pack, backpack, or handbag are all great options to keep with you while traveling.

Gain a New Perspective.

SkyTec™ Lens Technology

Engineered for pilots. Perfected for you.

When you’re home, stick to a routine to keep track of your sunglasses.

If you tend to drive while wearing your Randolphs, stow them away in your leather case after parking and place your leather case in your purse or glove box.

Keep in mind, your car can get very hot, and while our eyewear is designed to withstand high temperatures, preventing your travel sunglasses from baking on the dashboard is recommended. Best to keep them in the glove compartment or center console.

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