Randolph Named Among “Top 10 Sunglasses in the World” by Improb

Randolph Engineering stands for our extraordinary fans. We couldn’t create durable, lifetime-guaranteed frames without you.

When Randolph is recognized for accomplishments, such as on 20/20’s December cover, that’s thanks to you. Our experts take over 200 steps handcrafting each pair of jewelry-quality sunglasses to fit your unique and adventurous lifestyle.

Some of the toughest and most durable sunglasses in the world.

Randolph Engineering Named World’s 6th Top Sunglasses Brand

This time, we were named on a notable list by Improb for the “Top 10 Sunglasses in the World.” Improp is a men’s lifestyle magazine delivering insights on the best of men’s gear, tech, rides, apparel and more.

To be listed as a top sunglasses brand in the world brings honor to our legacy at home here in Randolph, Massachusetts. We are the only metal eyewear manufacturer to never move manufacturing out of America, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Aviator

Aviator in Northern Lights SkyForce Air™ lens and Matte Chrome frame.

Randolphs pay homage to true aviator styles. Pilots rely on us for quality eyewear built to last a lifetime. We respect where we come from and we’re reinventing where we’re going.

Not many eyewear brands can compete with the true value behind a pair of Randolphs. The solder joints are near-indestructible and guaranteed for the lifetime of the product.

People often joke that Randolph Engineering sunglasses are indestructible. You don’t really need lots assurances or guarantees when it comes to the quality Randolph Engineering sunglasses.

– Improb

Authentic Aviators

Our eyewear is tested to meet rigorous standards.

We undergo a strict quality assurance process including drop ball testing and wear testing for our shades to stand by you through thick and thin. This is thanks to our rich of history providing sunglasses to fighter pilots over the past decades.

In recent years, we’ve worked to build on perfection. Our proprietary lens technology offers SkyTec™ lenses made with mineral glass for a durable, authentic weight. Many fans also enjoy SkyForce™ lenses made with hypoallergenic and scratch resistant material in a lighter weight. The SkyForce Air™ lenses offer the same lightweight with an added gradient effect. These lenses have a darker tint at the top for sun protection and a lighter tint at the bottom for reading or viewing up-close objects.

Randolph Sunglasses

Built to last a lifetime. Or two.

Engineered for the Extraordinary

The heritage behind Randolph Engineering begins with the US military. That’s why our sunglasses are built to endure your most challenging situations.

Today, we are also worn by tastemakers alike. Fans of Randolph Engineering capture an adventurous and bold spirit, looking for more than just an accessory. Durable sunglasses are a necessity. Women’s aviator styles have also come into recent focus. You might have noticed Randolph in Captain Marvel, worn by Carol Danvers during her time as a military pilot.

While Randolphs are designed to be gender-neutral, our sunglasses for women, such as the Amelia and Noyes, give even more options to those who seek to explore the world through a new perspective.

Aviator Styles

Pick them up. Put them on.

You’ll feel the difference.

The color of the lens is equally important to many of our fans. That’s why we’ve expanded our lens color options to include beautiful hues in blue, green, gray, pink, brown, full-mirrored, flash-mirrored and more. When you choose your frame style, browse through the lens options to customize your perfect travel companion.

Compared to other eyewear around the world, Randolph is among the most durable and highest quality. We’re proud to be handcrafted in America.

When you purchase a pair of Randolphs, we want you to share your extraordinary story! Tag us on social media when wearing your Randolphs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for a chance to be featured and use #MyRandolphs.

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