How to Choose the Color of Your Lens: Find Your Favorite Colored Sunglasses

Randolph Engineering is always moving forward. We continually build on perfection to offer our fans the best and most durable sunglasses for unique lifestyles. This year, Randolph lenses have been re-named. With names inspired by our aviation heritage, get to know our lenses by material, polarization and color!

With premium optical clarity originally developed for military pilots, our lenses offer fans some of the world’s best lenses in a unique and stunning collection.

All of our shades are both fashionable and functional, handcrafted in America according to the most durable specifications.

It’s rare to find a pair of sunglasses that checks so many boxes. Engineered for a lifetime with each pair handcrafted in 200 steps, our sunglasses are stylish as well as classic. Plus, Randolph’s SkyTec™ lens technology with superior optics originates from our military contract.

Randolph’s Top 5 Most Popular Color Lenses

Over the years, our fans have found their favorite color lenses to make the most of summer adventures and through daily routines. The top colors worn by Randolph fans include shades of blue, gray, and green.

These are the top five most popular lenses, starting with our mirror-style Atlantic Blue.

1. Atlantic Blue

Atlantic Blue sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

2. AGX Green

AGX green sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

3. American Gray

American Gray sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

4. Slate

Slate sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

The Best Sunglasses Lens Color for Driving

Everyone appreciates a reliable pair of sunglasses while driving. The sun can often distract you with glares from passing cars, or it can get entirely in the way of traffic lights at just the right time of day.

The best sunglasses for driving should contain the following specifications:

  • Protection from blue light, UVA/UVB light and infrared light.

  • Polarized lens to block glare.

  • A color with natural contrast.

The best colors for sunglasses while driving are gray, brown and AGX green. These colors provide the right natural contrast to observe the road and scenery safely through a complementary perspective. These two are Randolph’s highest recommended to wear while driving:

Gray Aviator for Driving

American Gray sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

Brown Aviator for Driving

American Tan sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

Top 4 Mirror Sunglasses Colors

Randolph fans can enjoy a range of mirrored colored lenses. But when it comes to finding the right mirrored lens, it can be tough to know what to look for.

What is a “mirrored” sunglass lens?

Randolph Engineering uses metallic flash coatings to give certain pairs of sunglasses a reflective outer layer. When there is a single layer of metallic flash coating, the sunglasses are “flash mirrored.” When there is a multi-layer flash coating, the sunglasses are “mirrored.” More layers of the metallic coating are added to increase reflective properties.

Among all of Randolph’s sunglasses, Atlantic Blue is the most popular multi-layer flash finish. This gives the lens a full mirrored effect. Our most popular single layer flash finish is Northern Lights, a cobalt-blue metallic flash mirror lens with a tan gradient base.

1. Blue Mirrored Lens

Multi-layer mirrored Concorde in Atlantic Blue (SkyForce™) and Matte Chrome.

Atlantic Blue sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

2. Blue Flash Mirrored Lens

Single layer flash mirrored Hawk in Northern Lights (SkyForce Air™) and Dark Ruthenium.

Northern Lights sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

3. Silver Mirrored Lens

Multi-layered mirror Aviator in Granite (SkyTec-P™) and Bright Chrome.

Granite sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

4. Rose Gold Mirrored Lens

Multi-layer mirrored Amelia in Rose Gold (SkyForce™) and 22K Rose Gold

Rose Gold sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

Discontinued Randolph Lenses

If you’re a fan of the following colors, we have recommendations to make on what you might like to try next time.

We’re no longer offering these styles, but hope you continue bringing Randolph on all of your outdoor adventures with our recommendations to replace.

If you liked:

  • Blue Glass

Try: Blue Hydro (SkyTec™)

Blue Hyrdro sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

If you liked:

  • Gray Flash Mirror Lite Lens

  • Gray Glass Flash Mirror

Try: Granite (SkyTec-P™)

Granite sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

If you liked:

  • Bronze Flash Mirror Lite Lens

  • Citron Metallic Lite Lens

  • Gold Polarized Glass Flash Mirror

Try: Harvest (SkyForce Air™)

Harvest sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

If you liked:

  • AGX Polarized Lite Lens

  • Green Flash Mirror Lite Lens

  • Green Glass Flash Mirror

  • Jade Metallic Lite Lens

Try: Evergreen (SkyForce Air™)

Evergreen sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

If you liked:

  • Midnight Metallic Lite Lens

  • Sunrise Metallic Lite Lens

  • Orange Flash Mirror Lite lens

Try: Rose Gold (SkyForce™)

Rose Gold sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

If you liked:

  • Tan Glass

  • Tan Glass Gradient

  • Tan Lite Lens

  • Tan Polarized Lite Lens

Try: American Tan (SkyTec™) or Cape Sand (SkyForce Air™)

Cape Sand sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

When wearing your colorful sunglasses, share them with us on social media! We’re always looking for fans wearing their favorite shades across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Tag us and use #MyRandolphs for a chance to be featured!

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