Rampage Movie Sunglasses: 'The Rock' wears Randolph Aviators

The Rock wears Randolph Aviator Sunglasses in new ‘Rampage’ movie

What sunglasses are worn in the movie Rampage? The new movie ‘Rampage’, stars Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in none other than a pair of Randolph Aviator Sunglasses (Archer Style). The Rock’s sunglasses can be seen throughout the movie as a staple item of his clothing, and we think he looks pretty good!

This is not the first time The Rock has been seen wearing our glasses, he has been sporting Randolph Sunglasses off-screen too since 2015! Thank you Dwayne! We love you!

Get The Rock’s Sunglasses from movie ‘Rampage’

Look great in these stunning Aviators!

What is ‘Rampage’ movie about?

Based on the 1980’s arcade game ‘Rampage’, the movie casts The Rock as a heroic animal-loving primatologist, who befriends a 7-foot-tall, 500-pound rare albino silverback gorilla named George. Thanks to a special serum that ‘goes wrong’, George (and his other friends) grow to larger-than-life proportions and we watch this former pro wrestler and ‘Fast and Furious’ star try to take the ‘monsters’ down and save the world. Fun!

What’s even more fun, is watching him do all of that in a pair of Randolph Aviator Sunglasses Randolph Archer in Gray Gradient lenses and Bronze Oxide Frames. We can’t wait, can you? Movie premieres April 20, 2018.

“Good enough for fighter pilots, good enough for us.”

The Rock wears Randolph Sunglasses Archer in movie Rampage


About The Rock’s Sunglasses in Movie Rampage:

With sleek metal styling and the DNA of Randolph’s classic Aviator, the Archer embodies contemporary masculine cool. Inspired by ballooning pioneer Samuel Archer King, whose skillful aeronautics led the way in the largest balloon voyages of his time, the Archer is all about attitude and innovation.

These frames also come in a larger size (63mm) perfect for those individuals with larger frames and head sizes (such as The Rock).

Rampage Movie Sunglasses

Worthy of Celebrity-Status.

  • Military spec construction, worn by US Military pilots and NASA astronauts

  • Jewelry metals like 23k Gold, double baked for durability

  • SkyTec™ Premium lenses, minimizes lens scratches

  • Made by hand in Massachusetts, USA

  • Guaranteed for life

See Rampage Sunglasses in the Official Trailer!

Dwayne The Rock Johnson on his new Rampage Movie:

“We have a shot to raise the bar and make something cool with this one as the basic storyline is three mutated gigantic monsters (Silverback, Alligator and Wolf) destroy major cities and landmarks across the US. … If you were a fan of the video game like I was, then you KNOW how bad ass and fun this movie can be. I’ll try not to screw it up.” – The Rock

Get The Rock’s Sunglasses from movie ‘Rampage’

Look great in these stunning Aviators!

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