Randolph Lens Names

Starting January of 2019, Randolph Engineering has updated the names of our lenses to match our world-renowned expertise.

In our history, we have always aspired to offer the highest quality lenses behind our American-made sunglasses.

Find the best color for your sunglasses lenses with our chart. Randolph has updated lens names. | Randolph Engineering

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Randolph’s military origins has led to an outstanding focus on lasting a lifetime. Or two. Our dedication to the eyewear industry spans decades with countless adventurers enjoying our gear on their extraordinary journeys.

To match today’s adventurer, pilot and taste maker alike, we’ve developed proprietary lens technology and simplified our categories of lenses to give you an easier time choosing your sunglasses.

Not only does Randolph offer many colors to choose from, they come in a variety of jewelry-quality finishes, engineered through a handcrafted process. See the lens colors below for striking and stunning colors representing a range of seasons and light conditions to meet your visual needs.

Of course, not only are Randolph sunglasses beautifully designed, each batch of glass lenses is drop-tested with steel balls and wear-tested to ensure they meet the highest durability standard.

With so many options, we decided it was time to make it a little easier to choose your favorite new pair of Randolphs.

Randolph Lens Materials

SkyTec™ Glass

Our most popular lens material. Individually ground and polished to the exacting standards of a camera lens. The absolute clearest optics possible with maximum scratch-resistance.


Combining light-weight comfort with outstanding optics in an advanced lens material that is 40% lighter than our glass lenses.

SkyForce Air™ Gradient

A gradient finish is added to our SkyForce™ light-weight lenses: a darker tint at the top of the lens offers sun protection while the lighter bottom is perfect for reading or viewing up-close objects.

Lens Technology Features

Blue Wave™ Technology – With Blue Wave™ technology, each SkyTec™ lens reduces eye strain, improves sleep patterns and increases overall visual acuity. Our lenses protect your eyes from potentially harmful ‘blue’ and High Energy Visible (HEV) light, that can potentially cause macular degeneration and eye damage.

Vector™ Optical Coating –  This proprietary multi-layer coating is applied to each lens to block harmful reflected light and ‘bounce-back’ glare from entering your eye from behind. VECTOR™ reduces eye-strain and improves visual acuity with the added benefit of built-in hydrophobic, anti-static, and scratch-resistant properties.

100% UVA/UVB Protection – Our premium lenses act like sunblock for your eyes, blocking 100% of damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Infrared Ray (IR) Management – SkyTec™ Glass lenses provide additional protection from Infrared Rays (commonly known as Heat Radiation or heat Waves) that can potentially cause dry eye conditions or tired eyes.

Randolph Lenses by Color

American Gray sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

American Gray

Formerly: Gray

Our signature neutral gray lens, originally engineered for military pilots. Maintains ‘true’ color and contrast distribution throughout all light and terrain conditions.

Lens Collections: SkyTec™, SkyTec-P™, SkyForce™

American Tan sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

American Tan

Formerly: Tan

Provides contrast enhancement and depth perception superior to other lens colors for a sharp and crisp view, even on cloudy days.

Lens Collections: SkyTec™, SkyTec-P™

AGX green sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering


Formerly: AGX (No change)

This ‘relaxing’ green lens selectively highlights the soothing green/yellow wavelengths of the light spectrum to reduce eye fatigue and improve visual performance.

Lens Collections: SkyTec™, SkyTec-P™, SkyForce™

Blue Hyrdro sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

Blue Hydro

Formerly: Blue Hydro (No change)

Sharpens outdoor clarity and makes the colors of nature pop to life. A medium mid-range tint, highlighting green, yellow and red, gives an overall effect of enhanced contours and sharper color definition.

Lens Collections: SkyTec™

Granite sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering


Formerly: Silver Polarized Glass Flash Mirror

Make a statement. This iconic lens adds a multi-layer silver mirror to our signature American Gray lens (originally engineered for military pilots), all with built-in polarization properties.

Lens Collections: SkyTec-P™

Atlantic Blue sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

Atlantic Blue

Formerly: Blue Sky Flash Mirror Lite Lens

A stunning royal blue multi-layer mirror that reduces glare and provides a neutral all-purpose tint.

Lens Collections: SkyForce™

Cape Sand sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

Cape Sand

Formerly: Tan Gradient Lite Lens

Named after the color of the brown sand on Cape Cod, this classic tan gradient lens is a staple for your wardrobe.

Lens Collections: SkyForce Air™

Slate sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering


Formerly: Blue Gradient Lite Lens

A nod to slate and its color undertones, this attractive blue/gray gradient lens is excellent for every day wear.

Lens Collections: SkyForce Air™

Evergreen sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering


Formerly: Green Gradient Lite Lens

A green gradient lens that selectively filters color to reduce eye fatigue and improve visual performance. Similar to our AGX lens.

Lens Collections: SkyForce Air™

Coastal Gray sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

Coastal Gray

Formerly: Gray Gradient Lite Lens

This subtle gray gradient lens reminiscent of the shoreline skies is a great neutral lens for every day wear.

Lens Collections: SkyForce Air™

Northern Lights sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

Northern Lights

Formerly: Oasis Metallic Lite Lens

Sure to turn heads, this cobalt-blue metallic flash mirror lens with a tan gradient base is a must-have for your fashion wardrobe.

Lens Collections: SkyForce Air™

Rose Gold sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

Rose Gold

Formerly: Rose Gold Flash Mirror Lite Lens

A stunning shiny rose multi-layer mirror that reduces glare and provides a neutral all-purpose tint.

Lens Collections: SkyForce™

Harvest sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering


Formerly: Sahara Metallic Lite Lens

A copper gradient lens with hints of warm amber and coated with a metallic silver flash coating.

Lens Collections: SkyForce Air™


A performance polarized ‘relaxing’ green base lens with a subtle blue iridescence that selectively highlights the soothing green/yellow wavelengths found in nature.

Lens Collections: SkyTec-P™