Compare 13 Frame Metals: Rose Gold, Rhodium, Chrome & More

Randolph Engineering sunglasses are handmade for the individualist with many unique, jewelry-quality frame finishes to choose from.

We believe sunglasses are more than an accessory. They’re necessary to protect your eyes year-round and can make a world of difference on your perspective.

That’s why Randolph is proud to offer 13 frame finishes to fit your individual style with jewelry-quality metals, including 23k Gold, Rhodium and 22k Rose Gold.

13 Frame Metal Finishes by Randolph

See below for our list of all in-season frame metals:

  • 23k Gold Frame Sunglasses

  • 22k Rose Gold Frame Sunglasses

  • 22k Blush Gold Frame Sunglasses

  • 22k Champagne Gold Frame Sunglasses

  • 22k Chocolate Gold Frame Sunglasses

  • 22k Chocolate Gold Satin Frame Sunglasses

  • 23k White Gold / Rhodium Frame Sunglasses

  • Satin Silver Frame Sunglasses

  • Gunmetal Frame Sunglasses

  • Bronze Oxide Frame Sunglasses

  • Bright Chrome Frame Sunglasses

  • Matte Black Frame Sunglasses

  • Matte Chrome Frame Sunglasses

Most recently, we’ve updated frames named “Dark Ruthenium” to “Gunmetal” to help describe the plating more inline with what our fans are looking for. Our team of expert sunglass artisans select the best pairings between metals, lenses and frame styles and offer dozens of match-ups for you to choose from.

Start by choosing your style, such as the classic Aviator, then view your options for selecting a lens color and frame metal pairing.

Indestructable Solder Joints

Built to last a lifetime. Or two.

4 Steps to Perfect Your Metal Frames

1. The Soldering Process

With a lifetime guarantee on all solder joints, our expert metal solderers pay the utmost attention to each metal touch point on all frames by guiding heated liquid metal between joints. With added stay-snug screws, your frames may bend but won’t break. Our soldering flux is a proprietary formula that we invented ourselves through years of perfecting the durability in our frames. Our ‘twist test’ demonstrates that our frames may bend but our solder joints will never break.

After soldering, rust points and sharp edges are ground away through tumbling. Certain frames are tumbled with ground walnut shells in custom polishing barrels while others are tumbled with ceramic pebbles to ensure the ultimate smoothness.

2. The Polishing Process

The jewelry-quality shine on Randolph sunglasses comes from an intensive polishing process with advanced and traditional techniques.

Before applying polish, some styles may be brushed or sandblasted to complete uniformity across the frame metal. All frame metals noted as “satin” first contain a brushed underlayer for an extra-smooth texture before polishing.

3. The Plating Process

Randolph’s method of plating is a process of applying multiple layers to a base metal with a high yield point. The name of each frame metal comes from the top layer applied, but several layers exist below to ensure malleability and durability in the frame.

All frames contain a barrier layer which makes them hypoallergenic and prevents the metals below from leaching through. Many of our frames contain Palladium as a protective barrier layer, an ultra-rare precious metal worth 4x the price of gold.

E-coat is the enamel we use on Randolph frames after plating. After we apply the top E-coat, we then twice bake all frames in an oven for hardness and durability.

4. Frame Wear Testing

In the end, Randolph frames are tested in extreme laboratory environments, including 24 hour salt baths and humidity chambers.

We exceed all industry standards by over 8x, as well as run drop-ball testing on our glass lenses and wear testing for repeatedly flexing the stay-snug screws.

Top Frame Metals for Men

Our most popular frame metal choice for men is the classic 23k Gold. Gunmetal and Matte Chrome are also two very popular choices and pair well with gray, green and tan lens options for an authentic aviator style.

The Aviator

The Aviator in 23k Gold frame and American Gray SkyTec™ lens



Top Frame Metals for Women

Randolph fans with feminine fashion have a wide variety to choose from. 23k White Gold is a stunning frame option, made with Rhodium, the same plating used on diamond engagement rings. You may also like the soft tones in 22k Rose Gold, or the brushed texture in 22k Satin Silver.


Noyes with Satin Silver frame and AGX Green SkyTec™ lens



Why Randolph Sunglasses?

Randolph bares a unique dedication to making your eyewear shine. While excellent base metals, superior lens technology and military-spec durability may give you reliable sunglasses that many pilots stake their sights on, it’s our attention to detail that truly stands out.

All Randolph sunglasses are smoothed to complete uniformity. That means our soldering, tumbling, and polishing amounts to a uniform profile on your eyewear’s design that is parallel in quality to aligning gemstones on a ring or carving the finishing touches onto a watch’s case. We intentionally build on perfection to heighten our aviator styles to new levels.

Randolph’s Authentic Aviator is made up of a “V-profile” eye wire. If you look closely at the temples, arms and hinges, you’ll see how the metal comes to a point in the center, creating a “V” shape in the metal. Where our hinges meet the temples, you’ll notice the “V” is perfectly in line so the hinges will not get caught or snagged. While this may seem like a small detail, the wearer will experience fewer snags on hair and clothing thanks to our handcrafted attention to smooth all edges in alignment with the frame’s design.

We always go the extra mile to make sure every detail is crafted to perfection. Aviators should last a lifetime, to be engraved and passed down. That’s why we’ve honored our craft for generations here in Randolph, Massachusetts.

SkyTec™ Lens Technology

Engineered for pilots. Perfected for you.

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