What is Class A? Exploring the Inspiration Behind Our Class A Eyewear Collection

What is Class A? The Class A uniform is more than just attire; it's a symbol of respect, precision, and dedication. worn by various military branches during ceremonial occasions, parades, and official functions. These uniforms, known for their meticulous tailoring, represent the highest standard of military dress and are often adorned with insignia that denote rank, unit, and honors.


Inspired by the elegance of Class A Military uniforms, the Randolph Class A Aviator Collection embodies the same elegance as the Class A uniform, but with an edge. This collection captures the colors, character, and craftsmanship of military uniforms, blending tradition with precision, and is built to the same rigorous military spec standards.

Desert Sand Class A Aviator

Design and Features

Each frame in the Randolph Class A Collection is a tribute to the specific Class A uniform colors of different military branches. Here are the 5 colors: 

All 5 Class A Aviators on Models

To enhance the military feel, each pair of glasses comes equipped with:

  • A Military Dog Tag, personalized to echo the identity tag worn by service members.
  • An Embossed Printed Military Spec Case, ensuring that your eyewear is kept in something as durable and prestigious as the gear used by the military.
  • A Standard Issue Cleaning Cloth, maintaining clarity and readiness for any occasion.
Military Aviator Class A Patriot Blue

Sizes and Options

Reflecting our commitment to accommodating every supporter of the Randolph family, these frames are available in all four sizes. Yes, that includes our latest XL sizes -- our largest frames ever to date. We also offer options for both polarized and non-polarized lenses, ensuring that you can choose the best fit for your lifestyle and needs.

    Experience the Military Class A Standard

    Embrace the fusion of military heritage and modern craftsmanship with the Randolph Class A Collection. Explore our Military Aviator Collection and find the perfect pair to elevate your style.

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