Randolph is proud to unveil the Class A Collection, 5 NEW Mil-Spec Aviators inspired by the distinguished Class A uniforms of the U.S. Military branches.

What's New? 5 NEW Mil-Spec Aviators in 5 NEW FRAME FINISHES. Handcrafted in the USA for those who value heritage product and military craftsmanship.

All 5 Class A Aviators with their matching dog tags on a cream coloured background

Distinctive Design & Superior Craftsmanship:

  • Military Precision: Inspired by the elegant Class A uniform, each frame aligns with a specific military branch color:

    • Navy
    • Patriot Blue
    • Military Olive
    • Desert Sand
    • Midnight Force
  • Handcrafted Quality: Built to military specifications, each aviator is handcrafted in the USA. Features include Military Grade Cerakote for unmatched durability, Crystal Bayonet Temples for exceptional comfort, and American Grey SkyTec™ Glass lenses for superior optical clarity.

Military Aviator Class A

Exclusive Accessories: Each set of the Class A Aviator Collection includes:

  • A matching Military Dog Tag
  • An Embossed Printed Military Spec Case
  • A Standard Issue Cleaning Cloth

Accessories that elevate your style and pay homage to the precision and dedication of military traditions.


    Experience the Military Class A Standard: Embrace the fusion of military heritage and modern craftsmanship with the Randolph Class A Collection. Explore the collection and find your perfect pair.

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