JUST LANDED: The XL Collection

Randolph proudly unveils the XL Collection, an array of Randolph's best-selling frames crafted in larger-than-life sizes. 

What's New? As with all our iconic sunglasses, the XL Collection is made in the USA, and boasts 14 new handcrafted styles. This lineup features 7 of our beloved Aviator models and introduces 7 new Concorde designs, each sporting our signature bayonet-style temple tips—a flourish previously exclusive to the Aviator.

Larger than Life…Larger for Life: Size up your style with the XL Aviator and XL Concorde. Measuring in at 61mm for the XL Aviator and a whopping 64mm size for the Concorde, these are the biggest frames we've ever created in our over 50-year history.

A Grand View—The XL Collection: Embracing our American-made legacy, and the larger-than-life nature of our new XL Collection, we’ve paired our new XL Aviators and XL Concordes with America’s larger-than-life landscapes to debut the line.

From the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon to the rugged shores of Acadia, these magisterial settings showcase the grand scale and natural beauty of the American outdoors and our latest American-Made offerings. Shop the collection and experience XL Excellence.

Installation of Randolph USA's XL Collection sunglasses at Acadia National Park, with the oversized glasses overlooking the beach, reflecting the sky and hinting at a larger-than-life perspective on the scenic coastal landscape.

Spotlight on American Landscapes:

  • The Grand Canyon: This natural wonder reveals layers of Earth’s crust dating back nearly two billion years, offering a unique view into our planet’s geological past. President Theodore Roosevelt once proclaimed, "In the Grand Canyon, Arizona has a natural wonder which is in kind absolutely unparalleled throughout the rest of the world.”
  • Acadia National Park: Located on Mount Desert Island, Acadia stands where the rugged beauty of coastal Maine meets the untamed Atlantic. As the first national park east of the Mississippi and one of the first places in the U.S. to greet the sunrise, Acadia symbolizes the wild spirit of New England.
  • Dry Tortugas: Named 'Las Tortugas' by Ponce de León in 1513, this area is known for its coral reefs and lack of fresh water. A lighthouse was established on Garden Key in 1825, guiding sailors past dangerous shoals and marking the region's rich maritime history.
  • Yellowstone: The world's first national park, established in 1872, spans over 2.2 million acres. The early photographs by William Jackson, which played a key role in its preservation, continue to remind us of Yellowstone’s enduring beauty and significance in American conservation.

Go XL or Go Home This Summer: With our new handcrafted XL Icons, you're equipped with bigger frames for bolder views. Gear up this Summer for the great American outdoors with XL eyewear that’s as expansive as the landscapes you explore. Shop the collection.

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