Randolph Sightings

Handcrafted eyewear. Made for the extraordinary. Since 1973, Randolph eyewear has been adorned by icons, legends and stars across the globe.

Johnny Depp wearing Randolph Aviators customized with blue lenses.

Bradley Cooper wearing our Concordes.

Amy Adams wearing Randolph sunglasses.

Elijah Wood sporting a pair of Randolph aviator sunglasses.

Tom Cruise wearing a pair of Randolph aviators.

Kid Rock wearing Aviator sunglasses on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Eric Bana wearing a pair of Randolph Engineering sunglasses in Deliver Us From Evil. 

Sam Jaeger wearing Randolph Aviator sunglasses, as seen in American Sniper.

David Muir of ABC News wearing Randolph Engineering sunglasses.

Al Pacino wearing Randolph Concordes in Danny Collins.

Ethan Hawke wearing Randolph Engineering Aviator sunglasses in Good Kill.