What sunglasses suit my face? Quiz.

How to Pick the Right Sunglasses Frame for Your Face

Your Perfect Frame in FIVE Easy Questions

What sunglasses suit my face? We all know finding the perfect pair of sunglasses to suit your face shape can be a difficult task! Which is why our Randolph stylists have developed this quick quiz to help you find what sunglasses best suit your face shape. For a deeper read, view our Ultimate Guide to the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape full blog post here.

Take this sunglasses style quiz to find your perfect style!

QUIZ. What sunglasses suit my face shape?

Find out now.

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How Should Sunglasses Fit?

For more help on what sunglasses suit your face shape, read The Ultimate Guide to the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape. This blog explains the whats and whys of perfectly matching sunglasses to your face shape. Our stylists look at ways to pair sunglasses to bring out your best elements such as accentuating high cheekbones, rounding out a long face and how to soften a broader forehead. You can also check out our Frame Size Guidelines for how to measure your sunglasses size.

Certain Aviator styles just look better on certain faces. And our Randolph stylists have picked out recommended styles for each face shape; round face, heat face, oval face and square face. Choose sunglasses in any of our jewelry quality frame finishes and sleek, stylish lens options.

Picking sunglasses for your face shape is a good start, but also consider your unique style. Some sunglasses shapes look better on certain face shapes, such as teardrop shaped sunglasses on heart shaped faces, such as Concorde or Thaden, but you might not be interested in this standard “aviator” look. Randolph offers many aviation-inspired options, and heart shaped faces also look great with round sunglasses, such as Douglas or P3. The Concorde is a more sophisticated style while the Douglas or P3 are trendier.

Sunglasses for round faces can be challenging to find. Rounded frames can drown out your most distinctive features and cause your face to look overly round. Instead, you want styles that provide angles to contrast your distinct features. Aviator styles are great for round faces, and especially navigators which are square shaped aviators. Randolph’s flagship Aviator, Aviator II, Corsair, Intruder, Cecil, and Thaden are just a few of your choices, and consider how certain styles are also more appealing to men or women.

Take the frame quiz to pick the right sunglasses frame for your face and style!

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