"Travel Gear to Trade with Your Christmas Gifts” - Uproxx & Randolph Engineering

Randolph Engineering fans are adventurous and travel gear gifts are perfectly fitting. We look good while seizing the day.

Uproxx, an entertainment and pop culture news site, recently named Randolph #1 on a list of travel gear gifts you wish you had gotten for Christmas. It’s no surprise — Randolphs are the perfect travel companion.

Whether you sport your extraordinary shades in the city or out in the country, we provide only the most durable and highest-quality options.

A travel-based gift is rooted in chasing lifelong experiences, and that’s the best gift of all.

Randolph Travel Gear Gifts

For those who wish they received Randolphs for Christmas, sunglasses also make thoughtful birthday, graduation, wedding, and special occasion travel gear gifts. They’re perfect for travelers and everyone ready to embark on their own adventure.

If you’re gifting for an event where you might purchase jewelry, know that all Randolph sunglasses contain jewelry-quality frame metals. From 23k Gold to 23k White Gold containing Rhodium, we plate our sunglasses at five times they ewear industry standard.

American Tan Concorde

Named #1 Travel Gear

Cape Sand Aviator

Named #1 Travel Gear

“The Coolest Sunglasses on Earth”

For most adventurers, you can’t go wrong with brown lenses.

The color brown gives a natural tint and compliments natural outdoor hues. Uproxx chose to feature two Randolph sunglasses with our brown American Tan lens as travel gear gifts: the Concorde and the Aviator.

These sunglasses are literally the coolest sunglasses on earth and the fact that companies keep making new sunglasses feels odd, in light of this.

American Tan provides contrast enhancement and depth perception superior to other lens colors for a sharp and crisp view, even on cloudy days. This lens is available in both polarized and non-polarized.

Cape Sand is named after the color of the brown sand on Cape Cod. A classic tan gradient lens is a staple for your wardrobe. Find it in a non-polarized style with the Aviator, designed for pilots.

Built to last a lifetime.

Or two.

Drop tested. Wear tested. Military approved.

Randolph has had exciting times. Hollywood movies, cable network TV, Netflix and Amazon, among other producers, have featured Randolph styles.

Jack Nicholson wore these. Paul Newman. Steve McQueen. Why the hell are you experimenting with new looks when those damn icons favored the Randolphs?

You might have noticed us recently in Captain Marvel, SEAL Team, S.W.A.T., Maniac, and Set it Up, just to name a few. We’re an all-American brand worn in pop-culture to represent modern American values.

Handcrafted to Perfection

Supporting artisan American jobs since 1973

New styles available for those with an adventurous spirit.

We respect where we come from and we’re reinventing where we’re going.

Splurge on these and you’ll feel like an adventurer immediately, ready to carve a track through virgin jungles and then tell Hollywood producers all about it at a bar.

Born from military aviation, we provide eyewear to those who see things differently. Keep an eye on our latest styles to see classic aviators remade for modern wear. Built for both fashion and function.

Two Travel Gear Styles

American Tan Concorde

The Concorde in American Tan SkyTec-P™ lens and 23k Gold

Cape Sand Aviator

The Aviator in Cape Sand (SkyForce Air™) and 23k Gold

Why Randolph Travel Gear?

Randolph eyewear is made with premium quality metals for fashionable durability.

We are made in America, and never plan to leave. Our handmade craftsmanship is unmatched in the eyewear industry, and it’s all thanks to our fans who demand the highest quality with authentic heritage.

Some Randolph fans wear aviators while flying planes across the ocean. Other Randolph fans wear aviators beside sunny beaches on holiday, or explore their own urban jungles. No matter where you’re headed, Randolphs are the perfect travel companion.

We began by providing sunglasses to the military in 1978. Randolph’s origins are deeply embedded in the type of quality your life can depend on. For those who seek eyewear to preserve their eye health and to add a fashionable accessory to every day wear, Randolphs fit all types of outdoor lifestyles. They’re built to last a lifetime. Or two.

When wearing your colorful sunglasses, share them with us on social media! We’re always looking for fans wearing their favorite shades across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Tag us and use #MyRandolphs for a chance to be featured!

Superior Lens Technology

The SkyTec™ Difference

Optimize your point of view.

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