How to Choose the Best Wedding Sunglasses: Party Favors & Bridal Wear

This is your time to shine!

When you and your man look great in a pair of shades, you’ll want that accessory on your wedding day, too.

Randolphs for women bring something both “old and new” to bridal wear with our wedding sunglasses styles dating back decades into US heritage, and you can personalize your unique anniversary date or family name on the frames!

Engraved bridal sunglasses for a wedding party or bride and groom! | Randolph EngineeringYou may even decide that for pictures, a durable and classy pair of Aviators would work perfectly for wedding party wear as gifts for the maid of honor and best man, or just for your groom’s wedding day accessory.

Any accessory that captures who you will be for the rest of your lives together has a place on your special day. As long as you know how to rock this classic look, we’ll help you choose the right ones to go with white – or any colors you choose on your special day!

A bridal party proudly smiles wearing Randolph sunglasses as a summer wedding accessory. Best wedding gifts designed to last a lifetime. | Randolph Engineering

Photo by wedding photographer, Meagan Emilia Photography

The Amelia for Her

Women’s bridal aviator sunglasses. Honoring heritage for a lifetime.

Bridal sunglasses: The Amelia aviators in rose gold. | Randolph Engineeinger

The Aviator for Him

Randolph’s flagship sunglasses. Precision engineered for pilots and tastemakers alike.

Aviator sunglasses, engineered to last a lifetime in gray lens and chrome metal. | Randolph Engineering

How to Choose Wedding Sunglasses for the Bride & Groom

As the saying goes, if you’re looking to add a splash of something both “old and new” to your wedding attire, a new pair of classic shades covers both!

Since 1973, Randolph eyewear has been engineered with indestructible soldered joints and plating that’s five times the industry standard. Lucky for you, they are guaranteed to last a lifetime – or two – so you might even pass them down to your kids one day!

It’s also tough knowing how to choose men’s accessories for wedding attire. Thankfully, our eyewear is made to look great on both men and women. For bride and groom wedding day sunglasses, you just have two ways to choose your sunnies:

  1. You can choose the pair that looks best on you, and then buy a matching pair for your significant other. Remember that you can personalize your wedding sunglasses to match with initials, a last name or your wedding date.

  2. You can each choose two different pairs to fit your unique face shapes individually.

The P3

Originally designed for submariners. Perfect for trendsetters.

Round sunglasses plated in rhodium. A great gift for a wedding. | Randolph Engineering

For both genders of square or heart shaped faces, we recommend the trendy P3 style, which originated with submariners and accentuates your cheek bones. For both genders of oval or round faces, we recommend the classic Aviator style, for the unique bayonet temples designed to slip easily under a pilot’s helmet.

When you find the the best style to fit your unique face and personality, that’s when you achieve the perfect wedding look!

A bride wears personalized wedding sunglasses for her bridal accessory to match her groom. Lifetime guarantee on the frames with anniversary date. | Randolph Engineering

Photo by wedding photographer, Meagan Emilia Photography

How to Choose Wedding Sunglasses for the Bridal Party

How can anyone look great in a wedding party? The secret is to share the same stunning smile as the bride, which is no problem when wearing Randolph eyewear.

When it comes to your gift to those participating in your wedding, brides-to-be can think ahead for pictures and give a wedding bridal party gift that will look great in the wedding photo album later. This way, you’ll not only give a gift that your party will appreciate on the day of the wedding, but it will also last a lifetime.

Traditionally, the bridesmaids’ and groomsmens’ gifts should cost about the same as the price of a wedding gift, and a pair of Randolph sunglasses for a wedding party fit right in. This is a great gift to match the wedding gifts for the men of the wedding party with the women.

The toughest challenge when choosing sunglasses for each member will come down to the style, plain and simple. You have three ways to choose:

  1. You can choose one style of sunglasses that you know you’ll look good in, and then order the same style for the rest of your party.

  2. You can choose one style of sunglasses for all the men, and then another style for all the women. Most Randolph sunglasses are gender neutral, such as the teardrop Concorde, but we also have feminine styles, such as the elegant Amelia, named after Amelia Earhart.

  3. Our favorite, you can guess the best fit for each member of your party. Take a look at our sunglasses fitting guide for choosing sunglasses based on the shape of each of their faces.

Don’t feel pressured to force a matching style for all members. Randolph’s latest designer sunglasses for women offer a variety of aviation-inspired shapes. If you really want to be sure, tell your bridal party about the gift and give everyone the opportunity to pick out their own pair – they’ll be glad and thrilled by the early surprise!

When you take pictures as a wedding party, you’ll look absolutely amazing! It also brings out the fun in everyone which makes for a great wedding photo.

Men of the wedding party wear sunglasses as gifted accessories, matching the bridal party on wedding day. Browse best wedding accessories for men. | Randolph Engineering

Photo by wedding photographer, Meagan Emilia Photography

How to Choose Wedding Sunglasses for the Party Favors

Sunglasses are great party favors that can fit into almost any wedding. All guests can proudly wear them together as a group, you’ll find colors that perfectly match the wedding’s colors and they make anyone photogenic for pictures. But when you pick out sunglasses as party favors, there are some warning signs to look for, especially if you’re buying online and in bulk.

While the frames on these glasses will be bright and colorful for a fun, summer style, it is the lenses that will really make them stand out. Try to avoid tacky styles, such as with barred “shutter shade” lenses or lenses that are covered by text. Engraving your sunglasses is a great way to make them feel special, and you can personalize them with the bride and groom’s new shared name, but you don’t want to prevent your guests from enjoying the party either with a cumbersome style.

Look for mirrored or reflective lenses that will show your guests each other’s smiling faces throughout your wedding day. Or, choose lenses that have a slight hue to them to compliment the colors in your wedding.

Keep in mind, weddings are all about respecting your heritage as you combine two families into one, but also the freedom to make a future based on your unique love. A pair of built-to-last Randolphs are a much better fit for this day of your life than a flimsy plastic pair, and will be worth keeping to cherish the memory. They are a great gift for each other for the wedding day, for photos and for the rest of your lives. You can even personalize them with the date of the wedding so to cherish the matching pairs every anniversary.

A groom celebrates in his personalized wedding accessory, Aviator sunglasses, matching his best man and wife in Randolphs. Choose a wedding gift with a lifetime guarantee. | Randolph Engineering

Photo by wedding photographer, Meagan Emilia Photography

Sunglasses fit naturally into any wedding reception that has a party full of life, but Randolph sunglasses are especially perfect for a style focused on heritage – and that’s what weddings are all about. Respect where you came from, reinvent where you’re going, and look good the whole way!

Browse our selection of men’s sunglasses and women’s sunglasses today and find the perfect wedding accessories to complete your ensemble, or a wedding gift the couple will wear for a lifetime.

Photo credit: Meagan Emilia is a sought after destination wedding photographer based in New England. Her images capture the moments of the day and the journey of a lifetime.

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