Randolph Father’s Day Collection: Our Dads’ Favorite Shades

Randolph’s origins are full of love and sacrifice. That’s what we see in the men who wear our sunglasses styles.

With military beginnings, our sunglasses are built with all the challenges of life in mind, battle tested to stick with you through thick and thin. On Father’s Day, we’re reminded of how extraordinary the men are who wear our engineered eyewear. From the skies to the oceans, thank you for sharing your most exciting and memorable moments with us.

For this year’s Father’s Day holiday, we’ve asked our fans on social media to share with us these pictures of dads in their favorite Randolph sunglasses. If you’d like to buy a pair from this Father’s Day Collection, remember that you can personalize the inside frame with engraving. Use names, initials and dates to memorialize your message in 24k gold or other premium metals on the right inner temple.

All frames come with a guarantee on any broken solder joints followed by our repair program, so that maybe one day a grandson will inherit the memories still intact, just like yesterday!

Now, that’s honoring heritage.

Father’s Sunglasses Gift Guide

Before you get your dad his annual summer gift, take a look at our popular styles with dads.

Don’t forget to browse our whole line of men’s sunglasses styles, too. If you’re looking for an especially sharp lens style, check out our Infinity Lenses where you can choose the frame style you love and the stylish lens options of your dreams.

1. Aviator in Bright Chrome Frames with Tan Gradient Lite Lenses and Bayonet Temples

A father and son duo wear Randolph Aviators with their co-pilot. | Randolph Engineering

Pilot Ross McCurdy, his son Aedan and co-pilot Alex Schenck completed the world’s first transcontinental biofuled flight, sponsored by Randolph Engineering.

Buy pilot Aviators in gold, SKU: AF152 | Randolph Engineering

BUY: Aviator in Bright Chrome / Tan Gradient Lite / Bayonet

SKU: AF152

2. Aviator in Matte Chrome Frames, Blue Sky Flash Mirror Lite Lenses and Bayonet Temples

Chrome Aviators with blue flash lenses, SKU: AF158| Randolph Engineering

BUY: Aviator in Matte Chrome / Blue Sky Flash Mirror Lite / Bayonet

SKU: AF158

3. Aviator in Bright Chrome Frames, AGX Glass and Bayonet Temples

Aviators in Bright Chrome with AGX Glass lens, SKU: AF076 | Randolph Engineering

BUY: Aviator in Bright Chrome / AGX Glass / Bayonet

SKU: AF076

4. Aviator in 23k Gold Frames, Gray Lite Lenses and Bayonet Temples

A grandfather and his grandson wear matching Aviators for Father's Day. | Randolph Engineering

Gave my grandson his pair of Randolph’s after his very 1st flight. Thanks for being there for us! – Joe

Aviators in 23k Gold and Gray Lite Lenses, SKU: AF222 | Randolph EngineeringBUY: Aviator in 23k Gold / Gray Lite / Bayonet

SKU: AF222

5. Aviator in Matte Chrome Frames, Gray Glass Flash Lenses and Bayonet Temples

A son pilot and his father fly for the first time together. | Randolph Engineering

See clearofcloud.ie for David’s full story on his first flight with his dad!

A father and son enjoy a wedding at Cadbury Court, Somerset in England while wearing Randolph Aviators. | Randolph Engineering

Father and son, Tim and Nick Fawle, enjoy a wedding at Cadbury Court, Somerset in England while wearing Randolph Aviators.

Aviators in Matte Chrome and Gray Flash Lenses, SKU: AF156 | Randolph EngineeringBUY NOW: Matte Chrome/ Gray Flash / Bayonet

SKU: AF156

For this year and every year after, your dad can depend on our sunglasses with a lifetime guarantee on the frames. We’re proud to provide for the extraordinary, and that’s why we’re the last standing metal eyewear company in the USA.

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