The “OG” of Classic Aviators in Elle Father’s Day Gift Guide

At Randolph Engineering, we respect where we come from and reinvent where we’re going.

This year, featured Randolph Aviators as a classic Father’s Day gift. Our engineered sunglasses styles are loved by dads the world over and are also the top choice of US pilots, military issued since 1978.

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Randolph Engineering is the OG brand behind the U.S. military’s penchant for aviator shades, and their frames are still made right here in the US of A. In other words, if your dad loves Top Gun, these are for him.

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For dads who want to look good while feeling good – our frames are made in America: we are the last standing metal sunglasses manufacturer entirely in the USA. Whether your dad enjoys a camping trip with the family, flying commercial jets, deep sea fishing or riding his motorcycle across the country, our eyewear is battle tested to ensure his pair will last through all of life’s most exciting travels.

Built to pass down for generations, we offer a guarantee on all of our frames to repair any broken solder joints, and we offer a lens repair program to fix any scratches on your pair. Don’t forget, you can engrave his shades on the inner temple with names, dates and brief messages in 15 characters to add a custom Father’s Day personalization on any pair.

Look no further for your annual summer gift for dad, and check out our Father’s Day Sunglasses Collection where we’ve featured dads wearing their favorite Randolph sunglasses. We searched social media for pictures of dads proudly wearing Randolph Aviators, so be sure to tag us in your pictures and use #MyRandolphs. We’re always on the lookout for your extraordinary adventures.

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