Designer Sunglasses for Women:

Our Latest Styles



Named after Cecil “Teddy” Kenyon, a test pilot for Grumman Aircraft during WWII, Cecil is an oversized square shaped frame with a lightweight bridge and classic streamlined styling. As a new minimalistic frame with a bold and fresh perspective, Cecil is a stunning aviator released Spring 2019 women’s designer aviator manufactured by Randolph Engineering featuring SkyForce™ and SkyForce Air™ lenses. Enjoy the fashionable “bug eye” look paired with a style steeped in heritage.


Named after Blanche Noyes, the first woman to receive her pilot’s license in Ohio in April 1929. Noyes is an aviation-inspired double-bridge frame with our signature Randolph styling. These women’s designer aviators are lightweight sunglasses and perfect for chic everyday wear, featuring our SkyForce™ and SkyForce Air™ lenses. Experience excellent coverage for all-around weather conditions in luxury.


Named after Louise McPhetridge Thaden, winner of the first Women’s Air Derby in 1929. Thaden is a compact aviator-style frame with a subtle and unique geometric lens shape. Our classic teardrop frame has been updated with an angular twist for this new designer aviator featuring SkyForce™ and SkyForce Air™ lenses. Thaden is the best women’s aviator for small faces.


Why Designer Aviator Sunglasses for Women?

Women’s sunglasses are evolving. Designer aviators today are engineered for the modern adventurer. Women around the world have a story that needs to be told. As a modern classic, your choice in designer aviators will become your ultimate travel companion.

Our Best Sellers



Randolph’s journey to build designer women’s sunglasses begins with the Amelia.

Amelia Earhart was among the first female aviators to make her mark around the world, and we couldn’t have chosen a better trailblazer to represent these designer aviators. With a petite double-bridge, our Amelia provides an angular teardrop shape and curved lens, offering full coverage. For women traveling from the seas to the cities, our Amelia made a mark. We’ve continued our line of women’s designer sunglasses, introducing Noyes and Thaden.

Noyes is Randolph’s new designer aviator with a browline unlike any other. Noyes also contains coverage from all-around weather, much like Amelia, but comes with a bridge that means business. This design shows strength and endurance in style.

Thaden, our third women’s designer aviator, contains a subtle, geometric shape familiar to our lifetime fans. This frame allows women with small faces and softer features to capture Randolph Engineering’s Made-in-America style while paying homage to our original designs.


Randolph has designed sunglasses for pilots and tastemakers alike since 1973. We continue to design and build our aviator styles to last a lifetime. Or Two.

This means we use jewelry-quality materials and provide plaiting at 5x the industry standard. Our women’s sunglasses are luxury quality. Randolph’s new style sunglasses capture the same dedication to the industry we were born from right here in Randolph, Massachusetts.

Our Aviator is the absolute best if you are looking for handcrafted quality and classic style. Our gold designer sunglasses come in a variety of finishes, from 23k Gold and 22k Rose Gold to Satin Silver and Bright Chrome.

The P3 was first created to meet the needs of submariners with a rounded style, and has gradually staked its claim on celebrities and pop culture. The Concorde is the most recognizable aviator style with a legendary teardrop shape, much like the first WWII pilots wore, which inspired the following aviator styles.

Randolph Engineering is always redesigning and reinventing to handcraft the best eyewear in the industry. Lookout for more luxury sunglasses on the horizon.


Some may ask: What is an aviator style? Randolph Engineering’s frames are inspired by aviation, built for the adventurer. Pilots continue to wear our frames while fashionistas take notice.

Female pilots are at the center of our mission today. The skies off er escape, success, passion, and a story that needs to be told. Randolph’s muse has turned towards the tales of these courageous heroines.

Without sacrificing quality, our latest aviator designs are inspired by heritage and built for generations yet to come. Classic aviators pay homage to real-deal aviation with teardrop shapes and full coverage lenses. But even eyewear with a lifetime guarantee takes more to last.

Our Aviator isn’t going anywhere. Our fans are going places.