6 Underground: Ryan Reynolds Wears Randolph Aviators


Netflix’s latest original movie, 6 Underground, features Randolph Engineering Aviators.

In a future not so far away, a tech billionaire, played by Ryan Reynolds, leads a mission among international operatives to take down a brutal dictator. Each operative is hand-selected to disown their past and change the future for the better.

The movie offers action-packed drama, quirky humor, plenty of explosions, and a plot that’s sure to pique the interest of families over the holidays. From director Michael Bay, 6 Underground premiered Dec 13th, exclusively on Netflix.

Ryan Reynolds Wears Randolph Sunglasses in 6 Underground

Ryan Reynolds Aviator Sunglasses - 6 Underground

Randolph's Flagship Aviator

Worn by Ryan Reynolds as character named "One"

The Aviator in Matte Black frame and AGX Green SkyTec-P™ lens

6 Underground Sunglasses

Not only does Ryan Reynolds wear Randolph Engineering sunglasses in Underground 6, but many of his co-stars do as well.

Take a look at our selection of authentic Aviators to find the perfect pair for yourself.

Randolph & Military Aviation Heritage

Randolph was born from military aviation. All aviators are built to the strictest of military specifications followed by meticulous drop testing and wear testing.

Our proprietary SkyTec™ Lens Technology offers superior lens features military pilots stake their sight on, but outdoor adventurers appreciate just as well. Our frames are built with near indestructible solder joints which come with a lifetime guarantee.

It’s an honor to become a symbol in American pop culture. It’s our best hope that we help to inspire the moral values of our country around quality, freedom and heritage.

Randolph Engineering, Netflix & Movies Today

Since 1973, Randolph eyewear has been adorned by icons, legends and stars across the globe. Our American-made aviators have captured recognition from military pilots, adventurers and even many familiar celebrities.

Netflix is among the recent movie producers which chose to feature Randolphs. From Captain Marvel to SEAL Team, and Jack Ryan to Set it Up, aviators help represent American dreams and missions in today’s entertainment. Keep an eye out for Randolph Engineering’s timeless styles and modern releases.

We respect where we come from and we’re reinventing where we’re going.

Watch the full trailer below for 6 Underground.

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