How to Clean & Maintain Your Sunglasses

At Randolph Engineering, we never compromise. Our commitment to quality goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Our solder joints are guaranteed for a lifetime, our lenses are tested for strength with steel ball bearings, and our premium finishes are 5 times the industry standard to offer resilience.

Randolph sunglasses are designed to be worn every day, no matter the journey you’re on. But they still need occasional maintenance to ensure peak performance all year long.

How Do I Clean My Randolph Sunglasses?

Dust, dirt and smudges are inevitable, but they should never compromise your adventure. To keep your SkyTec™ lenses as clear and resilient as the day you bought them, follow these easy steps:

    1. Rinse the lenses under running water to remove debris that could damage the lenses if rubbed.

    1. Polish the frames using your microfiber pouch or a jewelry cloth to remove tarnish and grime.

    1. Spray your lenses with a solution of water and mild dish soap. Only a drop of dish soap in your solution should suffice. Try our Lens Cleaning Kit.

  1. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth (like the one that came with your sunglasses) to wipe down your lenses. Polish until they’re streak-free.

How Do I Tighten My Randolph Sunglasses?

Our sunglasses are engineered for a lifetime. With the best materials in the industry such as stay-snug screws and premium SkyTec™ lenses, your sunglasses should rarely need tightening.

If, however, you are an extremely active individual, it is possible that over time your sunglasses will loosen around the temples and nose pads. You can quickly adjust them to get the perfect fit back. Doing so requires proper screwdrivers and nose pads, you can purchase these here on our accessories page.

To check your frames:

    1. Use a screwdriver to ensure the screws on the temples are tight.

    1. Ensure your nose pads fit well. They should be loose enough that they don’t leave imprints on your nose, but they should be tight enough that they don’t fall off. To adjust them, apply light pressure with either your fingers or a set of needle-nose pliers.

  1. Check the temples. They should sit snug against your head without pressing into your skin. If you have bayonet temples, they should hug the back of your head. Skull temples should sit behind your ear but shouldn’t be tight. If they are, they could cause uncomfortable pressure or irritation. Bend them with your hands if you need to get the ideal fit. If you’re uncomfortable adjusting your temples, head to the local sunglasses shop. You’ll likely find a professional who can make the adjustments for you.

What If My Sunglasses Bend?

Accidents happen. Metal sunglasses can bend out of shape.

You might have forgotten you’ve placed them in your back pocket and sat on them by mistake, or you might tend to rest them on your head when you take them off to walk inside. You might have even slammed the hood of your car on your sunglasses!

Luckily, Randolph frames are designed to bend but not break.

Gently bend your frames back into place. If you still have trouble adjusting the shape of your frames or if your lens is damaged, contact our customer service team and we will be happy to assist you:

Randolph eyewear may bend but does not break! | Randolph USA
Randolph USA CEO Peter Waszkiewicz demonstrates the durability of Randolph’s Aviator frames.


How Do I Store My Randolph Sunglasses?

For short-term storage, keep your sunglasses in the microfiber pouch to prevent dust from settling on the lenses. The pouch can also be used to polish your sunglasses while you’re on the go.

However, for long-term storage, or during travel, stow them in the soft pouch and hard case for protection from the rest of your gear. The metal frames are sturdy enough to withstand nicks and drops, but sustained pressure or sudden impacts from items jostling around in your bag may cause damage.

Continue the Tradition

With the proper care, Randolph’s metal frame sunglasses will last a lifetime — or two. When it’s time to grow your collection, take a look at our extensive sunglass selection for men and women to get yourself into a confident, multi-purpose look that protects your eye health from the sun’s harsh rays.

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