20/20 Magazine Features Randolph’s P3 Shadow: December 2018 Cover

20/20 Magazine is the world’s leading publication on the optical industry and the number one source for eyewear fashion trends today.

Randolph Engineering, a third-generation family-owned business located in Randolph, Massachusetts, is honored to have earned the feature on December 2018’s cover and to find inspiring recognition described within.

This is eyewear that determines the future of trends in all eyewear…

BUY NOW: The P3 Shadow in 23K Gold and Gray Glass Lens

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Randolph & 20/20 Magazine, December 2018

Since 1973, Randolph Engineering has built durable, jewelry-quality eyewear by hand, honoring U.S. heritage and standing by the promise to never leave American soil. Over the course of 45 years, Randolph has provided military-grade aviator sunglasses and evolved into the bold, adventurous brand recognized today.

We respect where we come from and we’re reinventing where we’re going.

Made in America and Justifiably proud of that heritage steeped in quality, tradition and foresight for the future.

Each pair is handcrafted in over 200 steps and plated at 5 times the industry standard.

Our lenses are designed with proprietary SkyTec™ Lens Technology for superb optical clarity purposed originally for airplane pilots. Randolph frames contain only the highest-quality precious metals for the most durable and timeless styles.

Fans of Randolph Engineering value our heritage, authenticity, craftsmanship and bold style. Randolph eyewear is more than just an accessory. We’re a travel companion.

This is eyewear destined for treasured possessions worthy of the title Ultimate Accessories.

With near-indestructible solder joints, Randolph lenses may bend but will not break. These sunglasses are engineered to last a lifetime — or two. That’s why Randolph offers a lifetime warranty.

Military pilots, adventurers and tastemakers alike value our eyewear each day. We engineer our sunglasses as if your life depends on it.

This is eyewear that determines the future of trends in all eyewear, in every key aspect from quality to creativity. It is eyewear with just the perfect sense of awe and inspiration. These are specs expected by the most discerning consumers, venerated by the most dedicated retailers and destined for treasured positions as possessions worthy of the title Ultimate Accessories. This eyewear is delivering the true Deluxe Experience.

-James J. Spina, Editor in Chief, 20/20 Magazine

20/20 Spotlight: The White Gold Collection

In late November of 2018, Randolph Engineering released a NEW collection of frames called The White Gold Collection.

With a 23k Gold metal base, Randolph’s White Gold frames are plated with rhodium, one of the world’s most precious metals found only on the most valuable jewelry. The new metal pairs perfectly with a Hydro Blue Lens and is also offered in AGX Polarized Glass Less.

Designed to evoke an effortless style, these new styles complete the brand’s jewelry quality frame assortment with finishes including yellow, rose and chocolate gold.

– Jillian Urcelay, Editorial Assistant, 20/20 Magazine

The Concorde in White Gold and Blue Hyrdo Lens. | Randolph Engineering

BUY NOW: The Concorde in White Gold with Hydro Blue Lens

ALSO AVAILABLE: The Concorde in White Gold with AGX Glass Lens

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BUY NOW: The Aviator in White Gold with AGX Glass Lens

ALSO AVAILABLE: The Aviator in White Gold with Hydro Blue Lens

SKU: AF230

Inventing the Future of Eyewear

Be on the lookout for ALL NEW frames coming online in Spring of 2019.

Randolph Engineering is paving the way for next-generation styles, made for the extraordinary over the many, dedicated to the most devoted and honorable around.

If you’re a fan of Randolph Engineering, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest where we’re always on the lookout for extraordinary fans wearing our styles. Use #MyRandolphs for a chance to be featured.

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