Aviators & Facial Hair Matching Guide

There are many reasons why a certain style might look good on you. When it comes to sunglasses, it’s a little easier to figure out.

Your facial structure, hairdo and facial hair are your primary ways to find an eyewear style. Your outfit can make a big difference, but at the end of the day, a man’s “look” is one that‘s shown off every day despite his clothing. For a good start, check out a comprehensive guide for the best sunglasses to suit your facial shape.

Our classic Aviator was originally designed for pilots, and our fans far and wide look good in them outside of a clean-cut uniform. Your facial hair can have an influence on the best pair to wear for your day-to-day style.

Here’s a general rule you can follow: The more natural your facial hair looks, the better it’ll pair with a new set of aviators.

How to Wear Aviators With Facial Hair

Pair your stubble facial hair with aviators for a naturally bold style. | Randolph Engineering

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Here are styles that’ll go well with your Randolph Aviator, and why they work.

Standard Beard

Aviators give off a tough and confident vibe, the same as a standard beard. The full size of the Aviator complements a standard beard without drawing attention away.

Clean-Shaven or Stubble

Clean-shaven Tom Cruise looked great in his aviators in Top Gun, and so can you. The all-American classic look with stubble fits perfectly with the all-American look of aviator sunglasses, too.


Men with mustaches will get used to the bold look aviators bring. This style is reminiscent of the police force, and for good reason. As a classic duo, the mustache and aviators style has kept its place in TV dramas and real-life renegades alike.

Soul Patch

Soul patches are typically small and angular, which goes well with the Aviator’s square shape. While a soul patch brings a subtle hint to your style, a pair of Aviators completes it.


Aviators work with goatees as well, but you’ll want a style that provides size and angles. Depending on how accentric your goatee appears, start with rectangular Aviators and then consider eyewear with a more dramatic shape.

Pair your beard or natural facial hair with aviators for a bold style. | Randolph Engineering

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More Facial Hair To Wear With Sunglasses

To keep yourself in style, here are the facial hair styles to pair with more options. Sunglasses will still match perfectly to these facial hair styles, so check out our recommended eyewear:

The Full, Burly Bear

The thicker your beard, the wider you’ll want your sunglasses. In order to match the width of your face, a wider lens will compliment. Having smaller lenses on a wide face can draw too much attention to your sharper features when instead you want your eyewear to feel centered around your face.


Intruders have a slightly wider lens with angular out edges you might prefer.


Handlebars and aviators are from two different eras and lifestyles, causing them to clash. A browline pair of sunglasses, one narrower across your eyes and stays horizontal to your face, will be a better match.


Try the Raptor for a sporty look, or the P3 for a round, organic look.


The zappa style of facial hair can become overbearing when matched with aviators. The tough handlebar plus soul patch style calls for a fun and rounded style to offset an intimidating look and to open up your face to a more friendly style.


Look at our P3 and P3 Shadow for a rounded frame with plenty of lens and premium metals to choose from.

Van Dyke

Aviators are thick enough and round enough to complement the Van Dyke, but you’ll want a thicker frame to seal the deal. This facial hair type is less full, calling for a bold look to stand out with your eyes.


Thicker, rounder frames complement the Van Dyke best. Try our Fusion Collection for a great match.

Your sunglasses and facial hair will be a powerful combination for seasons long. When on your daylight adventures, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest where we’re always on the lookout for extraordinary fans wearing our styles. Use #MyRandolphs for a chance to be featured.

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