FEARLESS WOMEN OF FLIGHT: Paving the Way to Space

In an era when the realms of space and sky were primarily dominated by men, these women of the Mercury 13; pushed boundaries, faced challenges, and paved the way for future generations.

Paving the way to space, Randolph USA collaborates with W'MENSWEAR to honor female trailblazers.

A member of the Mercury 13 -- Jerrie Cobb next to a Mercury spaceship capsule

The Legacy of Mercury 13

Before humanity took its first steps on the moon, thirteen women silently blazed a trail for generations to come. These astronauts-in-waiting, aptly named Mercury 13, underwent the same grueling tests as the male Mercury 7 astronauts. Though their dream of venturing into space was deferred; due to the prevailing gender biases, , their ambition and will ignited the flames of change. It's this inspiring & unsung tale that serves as our North Star for the RANDOLPH x W'MENSWEAR collaboration.

I’ve always been inspired by the stories of women throughout history who have persevered to break boundaries. - Lauren Yates
W'MENSWEAR Founder & Creative Director Lauren Yates holding a sign, explaining what femininity means to her.

About W'MENSWEAR Founder:

W'menswear founder and designer, Lauren Yates is inspired by different modalities of femininity developed throughout history and looks to weave the stories of pioneering women through her designs.

The RANDOLPH x W'MENSWEAR collaboration is born from this shared love for storytelling, a passion for unearthing and celebrating the often-untold tales of female trailblazers through design.

International Day of Girl: A Tribute to Pioneering Spirits

On the International Day of the Girl, we pay tribute to these intrepid souls. Introducing the C-9 Aviator Capsule, a unique collection, crafted with dedication by a female-led team, echoing the stories and spirits of the female aviators who changed history. Each artifact, forged from end-of-use nylon C-9 parachute fabric, is a piece of history, a tribute to resilience, and a nod to the fearless women of flight.

Behind The Designs:

Inspired by the trailblazing women of the Mercury 13 program who pioneered female advancement in spaceflight, the female-led team behind the RANDOLPH X W'MENSWEAR collaboration explored the various powerful meanings of femininity.

By aligning with the spirit of these trailblazing women, our collaboration endeavors to echo their legacy of courage and innovation, aiming to empower and amplify the voices of women in uncharted domains, redefining boundaries and nurturing the pioneering spirit that continues to shape our collective journey.

The women pilots who paved the way for future generations of female astronauts went through extensive testing to see how their bodies might work in the outer atmosphere. The women not only passed these rigorous tests but also proved to withstand more than their male counterparts.
A female modeling the collaborations, Satin Gold Aviators, and the apparel and accessories of the collaboration


Using vintage C-9 parachute nylon salvaged from military collections around the world, each piece within the capsule was meticulously handcrafted. Accompanied with authentic Randolph Aviation eyewear, are an; C-9 Para-Hat, C-9 Para-Parka, and a C-9 Para Fanny Pack all manufactured from end-of-use nylon C-9 parachute fabric, and available now.

Learn more about the details of the product here. 

We invite you to be a part of this journey, to celebrate and remember the powerful legacy of trailblazing women and own a piece from this iconic collection.

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