In the early days of space exploration, while the spotlight shone on the chosen Mercury 7 astronauts, a group of determined women, later known as the Mercury 13, trained in the shadows, proving that women too had the mettle to conquer space.

Drawing inspiration from these unsung heroines, Randolph USA, in partnership with W'MENSWEAR, is elated to unveil the Limited-Edition C-9 Aviator Capsule. Each item in this unique collection recounts a story of tenacity, bravery, and a quest to take to the skies.

Crafted by a team led entirely by women, this collection stands as an ode to the audacious female pilots who dared to dream big during an era of constraints. Every piece imbued with the pioneering spirit of those 13 women, who defied the gravity, of society, and space.  Own a piece of history today.


Using vintage C-9 parachute nylon salvaged from military collections around the world, each piece within the capsule was meticulously handcrafted.

Dive into the Collection:

RANDOLPH ENGINEERING 23K Satin Gold Pilot Aviator Sunglasses

Randolph Engineering x W’menswear Aviator Sunglasses

    • Frame Finish: 23k Satin Gold
    • Temple Tip Color: Vintage Crystal Mazzuchelli Acetate
    • Lens Color: AGX
    • Lens Technology: SkyForce™ Nylon AGX Lens - Non-Polarized

Finished with 23K Satin Gold, these aviators feature Vintage Crystal Mazzuchelli acetate and our signature SkyForce™ Nylon Non-Polarized lenses, capturing the spirit of the era. The sunglasses also come with a limited-edition case made from vintage parachute materials, designed using authentic specifications from space expeditions.



    • Sizes: X-Small to XX-Large
    • Material: Vintage C-9 Parachute Nylon, Sandblasted Zippers, & Vintage Herringbone drawstrings

Flaunt function and flex your style in this safety-orange pullover parka. Inspired by the first flight jackets for visibility in emergencies, it's got a kangaroo pocket for storage, sandblasted zippers for texture, and vintage herringbone drawstrings that you can adjust on the fly.



    • Size: One size
    • Material: Vintage C-9 Parachute Nylon & Magnetic Clip-in

Inspired by the utilitarian medical pouches carried by G.I's in battle, this multifaceted fanny pack masters modularity. With its adjustable nylon strap, it effortlessly transitions from a crossbody to a waist pack to an under-the-arm accessory. And with a magnetic clip-in lock, your gear's secure but still simple to snag.

RANDOLPH x W'menswear Apparel


    • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
    • Material: Vintage C-9 Parachute Nylon & Sandblasted Metal Eyelets

An elevated bucket hat that epitomizes both practicality and style. It ingeniously stows away in its own vivid, safety-orange inner pouch. Outfitted with sand-blasted metal eyelets, sturdy nylon webbing, and a customizable nylon drawstring strap with a metal stopper. This hat is both a fashionable and functional accessory, suitable for windy retreats or sunlit jaunts.

Final Thoughts: Trailblazing the Skies

This collection is more than fabric and thread—it’s a tribute from a woman-led team to the women of the Mercury 13 program who courageously broke down barriers for female advancement throughout history. By embracing the essence of these pioneers, RANDOLPH x W'MENSWEAR seeks to amplify the voices of women, breaking barriers and fueling the adventurous spirit within us all.

Join us in celebrating the fortitude and vision of women who paved the way to the stars.


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