Best Aviator Sunglasses for Winter

Wearing your sunglasses in the winter is just as important to your eye health as wearing them in the summer. While the sun may go down earlier, it’s no less bright during the day, and the sun even sits lower in the sky at a more disruptive angle to your vision. Additionally, snow glare can be extremely damaging to your eyes as the bright sun reflects off the snow. Sunglasses for the winter are simply a necessity. Here are a few of our favorite styles for the fall and winter:

Get the Perfect Sunglasses for Winter!

Look great in the stunning Randolph Archer

“Good enough for fighter pilots, good enough for us.”

Archer with Gray Gradient Lite Lenses

The Archer with Gray Gradient Lite Lenses in a Bronze Oxide finish is a perfect style for fall and winter with the muted colors so indicative of the season. Additionally, gradient lenses are ideal for the season, with more light being blocked at the top and less at the bottom.

Aviator with Green Gradient Lite Lenses

The Aviator with Gradient Green Lite lenses is another style with a classic dark green fall/winter color scheme. Again, the gradient lenses allow the wearer to have a relatively brighter view through the lower part of their lenses while blocking harmful rays from coming through the upper area of the lenses.

Concorde with Gray Polarized Lenses

For those looking for maximum coverage, you will get it with Concorde. The classic teardrop shape of the Concorde was designed to cover the eye socket completely. Additionally, the polarized lenses are essential for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors in the snow during the winter because of their ability to neutralize incoming glare.

P3 Shadow with Double Blue Gradient Lenses

Another style with a gradient, but this time at the top and bottom of the lens. This protects your eyes from overhead sun, surface reflections from below and leaves your front view clear. In addition, the cool blue hue will help enhance overcast skies, perfect for the middle of winter.

Randolph Sunglasses

  • Military spec construction, worn by US Military pilots and NASA astronauts

  • Jewelry metals like 23k Gold, double baked for durability

  • SkyTec™ Premium lenses, minimizes lens scratches

  • Made by hand in Massachusetts, USA

  • Guaranteed for life

Get the Perfect Sunglasses for Winter!

Look great in the stunning Randolph Archer

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