Winter Sunglasses: 5 Reasons to Wear Randolphs THIS Winter

Why should I wear sunglasses when I’m not on the beach?

Everyone knows sunnies are meant to block the sun on warm days with clear skies, but that’s not the only time you should wear your Randolphs. Make THIS winter the one to start protecting your eyes for a lifetime.

DID YOU KNOW, the sun is closer to eye-level during the winter for many people around the world?

Best Sunglasses for Winter

Believe it or not, the best sunglasses for winter are not the same as the best for summer.

New seasons cause a big change to your surroundings. Your eyes still require protection from UVA/UVB light to prevent macular degeneration, but a shift in the sun and terrain also brings a different kind of challenge to your sight.

For example, in the summertime you may squint due to the sun directly overhead, but in the winter you will most likely squint due to harsh conditions like wind, snow and rain. During the summer, a solid lens will fully block overhead light, while in the winter, a lighter lens or gradient lens will do the trick for dimmer sunlight.

“Flat light” is another common way to describe the change in lighting during winter months. The dimmer lighting reduces contrast and takes definition away from your perspective, such as when you look out across a beautiful landscape but can’t quite spot the best details. Randolph lenses are designed to enhance definition, adding depth to how you view the world around you. Our Cape Sand lens color provides maximum definition and depth perception during flat light conditions.


Cape Sand

SkyForce Air™ lens

Named after the color of the brown sand on Cape Cod, this classic tan gradient lens is a staple for your wardrobe. Learn more.

Lens Collections: SkyForce Air™

Light Transmission: 20%

Cape Sand sunglasses lens | Randolph Engineering

5 Reasons to Choose Randolph this Winter

Look out for these 5 features when choosing sunglasses for the winter:

1. Lighter or Gradient tints to protect from a dimmer sun close to eye-level.

2. Hydrophobic coatings to keep oil and water from obscuring your vision.

3. Corrosive resistant plating to protect your metal eyewear from heavy precipitation.

4. Powerful lens technology to keep your eyes from fatiguing due to wind, sun, snow or rain.

5. Acetate hand-inlaid frames from the Fusion Collection for a soft and comfortable fit during harsh conditions.

Sunglasses for Winter: Top 3 Fusion Styles

1. Archer Fusion

Archer with Dark Ruthenium & Matte Dark Havana Inlaid frame and Cape Sand SkyForce Air™ lens

2. Elinor Fusion

Elinor with 22k Rose Gold and Matte Brown Horn Inlaid frame and Cape Sand SkyForce Air™ lens

3. P3 Fusion

P3 with 22k Rose Gold and Matte Brown Horn Inlaid frame and Cape Sand SkyForce Air™ lens

Polarized Sunglasses for Winter

For even more protection against eye fatigue, polarized lenses can help reduce glare from snow and ice. Polarized lenses are also great for driving and reduce glare from passing cars or water/snow on the roads .

The American Tan lens is fitting to provide polarization and contrast with all the best features for hydrophobic lens coatings, corrosive frame platings and more from Randolph’s SkyTec™ Lens Technology.


Aviator with 22k Gold frame and Polarized American Tan SkyTec-P™ lens

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