“Why Wear Sunglasses?” GQ’s Take on Protecting Your Vision Feat. Randolph Engineering

Sunglasses are far more important than a style. They’re greater than any accessory, and are necessary for protecting the health of your eyes.

This is why we precision-engineer our shades — because we know our extraordinary fans depend on them. Sometimes in battle, and always in everyday life.

But don’t take our word for it. GQ’s Adam Hurly interviewed an ophthalmologist to explain with three reasons:

With age people can develop macular degeneration (which is the light-sensitive nerve tissue in the eye), and using sunglasses may protect these photoreceptors from UV damage…protecting the eye from sunlight may slow the progression of cataracts… Lastly, skin cancer on the eyelids is a concern.

Lisa Park, MD

In other words, sunglasses may help you prevent:

  1. Nerve damage within your eyes.
  2. The progression of cataracts.
  3. Skin cancer on your eyelids.

For those who care very much about their vision (as if their lives depend on it), Randolph eyewear is designed to last a lifetime.

With polarized and non-polarized lens options, both fully block UVB and UVA rays from damaging the nerves in your eyes. Polarized lenses will also reduce glare from shiny reflections. When in the sky, glare is important to view so that other planes and projectiles are easy to spot, and pilots must wear non-polarized lenses. For many eyewear tastemakers, polarized lenses will reduce annoying glare while driving and during other outdoor activities.  

As featured by GQ, our Aviator II meets all of the criteria to protect your eyes for a lifetime:

Chrome frame, polarized green lenses, handmade, and perfect for outdoor sportswear. Randolph is the US Military’s contracted glasses brand, so while some other brands might be masquerading as the Top Gun go-to, this is the actual one, right here. (We have also gone on record for our love of their Sportsman Aviators.)

Order Now: Aviator II with Bright Chrome and AGX Polarized Glass

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Not only does Randolph eyewear protect from all of the above, our lenses are designed with two SkyTec™ proprietary options to further endure all situations life may bring.

  • Mineral Glass Lenses are ground for distortion-free optical clarity, contain backside AR coating to reduce inner reflections, and are chemically tempered to resist breakage and scratching.
  • Lite Lenses are distortion-free, lightweight, durable, and contain backside AR coating to reduce inner reflections.

Randolph sunglasses are drop ball tested for impact resistance with a ⅝ inch steel ball from 50 inches. Each and every pair is handcrafted by over 50 experts in over 200 steps with the utmost attention to detail. We abide by the strictest military-grade standards, and offer a warranty on our frames to fix broken solder joints followed by our repair program.

We hope our eyewear will last you a lifetime — or two. Wear them around the world, and pass them down for generations. You should never compromise on the quality of your vision, and we’re proud to provide you protection as the last standing American metal eyewear company.

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