RE Ranger - Reflecting Quality When You Need It Most

Sharing a memorable evening out with his dad, a young gentleman by the name of Blake Brown was turned and talking with his father during a sporting clay shooting event when he was suddenly struck in the face by a section of a clay target that hurdled his way.

Fortunately serious eye damage was avoided by a pair of RE Ranger shooting eyewear. The shrapnel that projected into Blake’s direction was done so with enough force to cause a cut to his nose but his eyes were spared any damage due to the superior quality of the impact resistant RE Ranger shooting eyewear (which only suffered a slight nick to the lens).

We are happy to say Blake was able to enjoy the rest of his evening with his father and finish up the next three rounds while keeping his eyewear on (understandably so).

Here’s a snapshot of Blake’s Facebook post (or click the image to visit the post online):

Blake Brown Facebook Post

We are all thankful that Blake is doing fine and grateful that he was wearing a pair of our RE Ranger shooting eyewear!

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