How Sunlight Can Improve Your Health & Wellbeing

Adventurers don’t take well to being stuck inside.

In fact, cabin fever can affect anyone with a negative mood and even vitamin deficiencies. The benefits of sunlight and nature go hand in hand with keeping ourselves healthy and happy.

But why does nature make us happy? Research shows we’re meant to experience the great outdoors.

Why Does Nature Make us Happy?

One study by the University of Exeter has shown that spending as little as two hours per week outside is enough to significantly brighten your mood.

Many other studies have linked the feeling of happiness with feeling connected to nature. The concept is called nature relatedness and offers people a unique mood boost different from feeling more positive after interacting with family, friends or other man-made environments.

When we go outside in nature, we often exercise, breathe fresh air, and may feel inspired by new sights. People who have trouble concentrating or feel overly stressed can find relief with even a brief time outdoors.

Others relate this to feeling “one with nature” and value their time outside on a spiritual level. There are many reasons why nature makes us happy, and the science shows.

The AGX Green Lens

3 Benefits of Sunlight

One of the major reasons why we all love the outside is thanks to the sun. The sun offers even more unique benefits than generally being in nature.

1. Sunshine gives you Vitamin D, which your body uses in many different ways, including to protect against inflammation, heal wounds, boost your immune system, reduce hair loss, and strengthen your bones.

2. Exposure to the sun can increase your levels of serotonin, which can improve overall mental health and help give you a calming boost when you’re feeling down.

3. Experiencing sunlight can help you sleep better by allowing your body to sync up to your natural circadian rhythm and wait to produce melatonin until night time.

How Sunglasses Enhance the World Around You

Here at Randolph, we sometimes talk about the downsides of the sun and how important it is to protect your eyes while outside.

The sun can affect our sight with macular degeneration and can also wash out the environment to appear flat and without contrast.

Our SkyTec™ Lens Technology is designed to meet very high standards of optical quality. Our glass lenses are comparable to a professional camera lens and pilots have relied on us for decades to support their sights in the skies.

Next time you leave the house, step outside with a clear perspective in Randolphs.

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