The Randolph Holiday Campaign

Author Karl Jennings / Category Collections / Published: January-01-2023


The Randolph Holiday Campaign culminates in a grandiose Gala, a beautiful moment in time where four individual journeys all converge in one place. As strangers become friends, the White Gold Collection, iconic in its own right, enhances the beauty of the moment - creating a rarefied atmosphere where the enchantment of the holidays come alive. With the reason for the gathering unknown, the focus turns to the magic of the moment, and the oneness that can be found in the magnetic bonding of individuals on their own journey of self-expression coming together and exemplifying the communal spirit of the holidays.

The Randolph Holiday Campaign commences with four protagonists all equipped with all the adornments of flair that portray their spirit to the world. the images and video highlights the joyous and luxurious nature of the holiday season. Each one, sumptuously accoutered, in fine garments and a silhouette from the All-New White Gold collection — a reimagining of our icons through the lens of holiday elegance.

Equipped with their holiday talisman, the protagonists make their way to this frozen moment in time. As strangers become friends, icons from the White Gold Collection, in synchrony with each other embody elevated elegance. The existing Iconic 23k White Gold Aviator is now joined by the two new Icons in the collection, the All-New 23k White Gold Concorde, and All-New 23k White Gold P3. Through each encounter and exchange, wonders wait to be uncovered, each moment a gift during this union of the luxurious 23k White Gold frame and highly coveted SkyTec™ glass Cobalt blue lenses.

Explore more 23k White Gold styles in our 23k White Gold Collection. Each pair is handcrafted in the USA with jewelry quality frame finishes, premium glass lenses, titanium nosepads, and temple tips detailed with the 1973 logo. Experience elegance at its finest.


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