Demi Moore, Corporate Animals & Randolph Engineering

Hollywood has a knack for capturing adventurous American spirits. It’s no surprise Randolphs are found in pop-culture across the country, and across the world.

This time, Demi Moore wears Randolph sunglasses in the movie Corporate Animals, set to debut September 20th, 2019.

Demi’s character, Lucy, is a megalomaniac CEO who brings a group of employees on a team building exercise. The comedy horror takes a turn for the worst when the group becomes trapped in a cave.

Fusion Aviator in Evergreen

Aviator in 23k Gold and SkyForce Air™ Evergreen with Matte Black Inlay

Demi Moore Wears Randolph’s Fusion Aviator

Lucy sports a bold, classic Randolph style in Corporate Animals.

Part of the Fusion Collection, the flagship Aviator is hand-inlaid with premium acetate. The soft acetate offers an ultra-comfortable fit around the eyes and adds a thick black border around the lens frame for a style that pops. The Fusion Collection gives Randolph fans a striking take on this timeless frame shape.

Mazzucchelli acetate is world-renowned. Made in Italy, this material requires a carefully handcrafted process, developed over decades of expertise and with excellent raw ingredients.

Randolph & Corporate Animals

Randolphs are for those who have a story worth telling.

Built to last, these American-made sunglasses are assembled in a family-run factory in Randolph, Massachusetts. We honor where we come from and we’re reinventing where we’re going.

Corporate Animals, a hilarious take on female power and modern capitalism, aims to capture an over-the-top version of corporate America. Randolphs have a place in this story as a lasting icon for true American values.

Born from aviation, the sky’s the limit. Keep your eyes out for spotting more of Randolph Engineering on the big screen.

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The Fusion Collection

World-renowned premium acetate.

Made for those who see things differently.

fusion collection

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