What are AGX lenses?

Updated: June 8th, 2023

AGX lenses are used in many Randolph Engineering sunglasses. AGX lenses, or American Gray lenses, are a premier lens type that offers one of the most comfortable vision experiences available. AGX lenses have a greenish tint that allows 15% light transmission. They are designed to enhance yellow and green light while filtering out colors that are the most fatiguing to the eyes.

Modern Explorer in a pair of AGX Authentic Military Aviator Sunglasses

AGX lenses are ideal for long term use because of the reduced eye fatigue and continual sharpness in vision. AGX lenses are also perfect for those who are light sensitive or prefer their sunglasses to have a darker tint. AGX lenses perform well in both clear blue skies to overcast and cloudy conditions. They are also an excellent lens for winter driving.

Randolph Engineering features AGX lenses in many of our styles. AGX lenses guarantee long term use with the sharpest vision possible.

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