Randolph Engineering PilotThere are countless aviator styles out there, but only one Randolph Engineering. Built for the U.S. military in 1982, the RE Aviator not only met, but surpassed their rigid specifications standards. Since then, the Aviator has become Randolph Engineering’s flagship, and has set the standard for world-class quality in sunglasses. From their unique “bayonet” style temples that are designed to fit comfortably under headgear, to the lifetime warranted solder joints and mineral glass lenses, the RE Aviator is the ultimate in quality, performance, and strength. The Aviator is the first of many Randolph Engineering styles that are worn by those who demand the best. When NASA Astronauts lift off the launch pad, or when America’s top gun pilots step into the cockpit, Randolph Engineering provides the priceless pair of sunglasses that helps them safely navigate the skies.

RE Aviator’s Tour of duty: Vietnam, Desert Storm, Korea, and Kosovo. Randolph Engineering, Inc., A.K.A. RE, was founded in 1972 by two engineers, Jan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski. Both worked hard to transform their American dream into a reality. At inception, the company focused on designing and manufacturing optical tools and machinery for the trade. The vision of the cofounders was to build the cornerstone of the business on advanced engineering principles and eventually, manufacturing of premium performance eyewear. In 1982, RE became the prime contractor for military-style aviation flight glasses for the U.S. Department of Defense. During this decade, Randolph Engineering became the lead vendor to various U.S. Government Agencies for sunglasses, ophthalmic eyewear, and certain niche optical products.

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