RANDOLPH, MA – August, 2008 – If you’ve ever met a fighter pilot, saw the 1990’s action drama “Apollo 13”, or been around people who wear leather jackets and sit on parachutes, chances are you’ve seen the products of Randolph Engineering. The Randolph, Massachusetts manufacturer of high-performance eyewear is now setting about changing the way some jobs look at the eyewear needed to accomplish their varied missions.

Randolph Engineering announced today that it is extending its eyewear offerings to other specialty lines of work including police, security, outdoor sports & adventure, and other sight critical careerists and hobbyists. Since their introduction in 1982, the Randolph product line has been the icon of high-performance eyewear. Because of the specialty nature of use for military, outdoor sporting enthusiasts, and style conscious consumers the Company refers to its product line as “Serious Equipment”™.

Peter Waszkiewicz, CEO of Randolph Engineering said, “Our ‘Serious Equipment’ statement is backed up by our performance in the places where our eyewear excels. What we learned in the cockpits of dozens of free-world air forces, now will be on the street and in the field providing high performance and endurance features that make a real difference to the wearer. We engineer our products to be a ‘first choice’ selection by those users who really have something on the line each time they wear their sunglasses.”

In 1982 Randolph Engineering won a military contract that led to the precision optics of the Aviator. That depth of engineering and manufacturing skill extended their product offerings into a line that annually sells in excess of 500,000 units a year.

Randolph Engineering is a privately held company with a remarkable brand identity that has endured for decades. The company engineers and manufactures their product line at their facility in Randolph, Massachusetts. The company received a Certificate of Appreciation from the US Department of Defense, and has won the prestigious Blue Chip Enterprise Award from the US Chamber of Commerce.

“Serious Equipment” will be arriving in specialty stores shortly, with trade show displays of the entire line starting in Spring of 2009.


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