RANDOLPH, MA – October 7, 2008 – Randolph Engineering (RE), a manufacturer of high performance eyewear, has introduced a new line of sunglasses that customers can customize to fit their own personal style.

As with all RE products, these American glasses are built with the highest quality workmanship. This product line continues the RE tradition of allowing its customers to personalize their glasses by offering a wide range of finishes, temple styles and lengths, eye sizes, and lens colors.finishes

“We believe that sunglasses should fit the people who wear them, not the other way around”, said Peter Waszkiewicz, CEO of RE. “Everyone is touting personalization these days, but the truth is that we have been making highly customizable eyewear for over 25 years. For example, our Aviator glasses, which have been standard issue to US Military since 1982, are available in 420 different combinations.”

Randolph Engineering is a privately held company with a remarkable brand identity that has endured for years. The company both engineers and manufactures products at its facility in Randolph, Massachusetts. The company’s Sunglass Series, featuring its movie-famous Aviator style is truly an iconic brand within the realm of American brands as it is the choice of pilots worldwide, especially fighter pilots.


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