Randolph’s 2019 Women’s Designer Sunglasses: Meet Our New Aviators

Every Randolph style is precision engineered and carefully considered. We’ve honored our trade by building on perfection for authentic military-spec aviators.

Today, women’s styles are one area of our focus. Inspired by female aviators, we’ve recently released three new designer sunglasses: Noyes, Thaden and Cecil.

Our new Designer Frames for Her pay homage to the history behind the first Women’s Air Derby and the first female pilot to receive her license in Ohio.


Classic, iconic and perfect for small faces.


Our new aviator shape with a modern double-bridge.


Oversized square sunglasses for “bug eye” style.

New Designer Aviators

When looking for aviator sunglasses, our fans know there’s nothing like a pair of Randolphs.

Our latest sunglasses are engineered to elevate other designer aviators.

The right aviators make the remarkable quietly effortless, authentic with the quality behind true aviation. Best in class with military origins.

It takes 6 weeks and dozens of experts to engineer one pair of Randolph aviators. Randolphs are designed, developed and engineered in-house.

Randolphs aren’t mass produced or shipped from overseas. We’re craftspeople, who since 1973 have been quietly creating some of the world’s best eyewear, right here in Randolph, Massachusetts.

Our latest designer frames also introduce new frame finishes. Our 22k Blush Gold is a soft sandblasted rose gold, 22k Champagne Gold is a subtle sanblasted pastel yellow and Silver Satin is bright but soft.

Noyes: New Aviator Shape with Modern Double Bridge

The Noyes has a striking circular lens shape paired perfectly with a unique arched brow bar. This fashionable frame offers maximum front coverage for female tastemakers and pilots alike.

The exaggerated teardrop is brought up to a full half-circle. You might find this trend on shield-style sunglasses, which also have a thick lens.

The double bridge contains a new twist. Typically, Randolphs are designed with a straight brow bar and curved nose bridge, while this frame has the reverse. A straight nose bridge offers a modern take and an arched brow bar gives balanced personality to the frame.

Thaden: Best Aviator for Small Faces

If you have a small face, searching for an iconic aviator can be tough. Randolph offers classics like the Aviator and Concorde in three sizes, plus we also engineer specific frame styles for women with petite faces such as the new Thaden.

That’s why we’ve engineered Thaden. The shape behind this aviator pays homage to the teardrop shape, but much less exaggerated. Thaden is also among Randolph’s first takes on a geometric style. You’ll notice a subtle squared edge on the top left and right of the frame.

Randolph’s die-hard fans will be thrilled to recognize this frame’s size from our very popular recently-retired frame: the Crew Chief II. Many enjoyed wearing this legendary frame, which was a perfect choice for small faces. We have since replaced this general style with the Amelia and Hawk, but the Thaden comes closest in size and shape.

Cecil: Oversized Square Sunglasses for “Bug Eye” Style

Randolph Engineering’s origins began with the need to make a difference in the eyewear industry. Since 1973, with each new pair, we respect where we come from and reinvent where we’re going.

Cecil marks the final chapter to our Spring 2019 women’s designer sunglasses release, named named after Cecil “Teddy” Kenyon, a test pilot for Grumman Aircraft during WWII. The bold, oversized design called for an historically courageous figure. Cecil’s single nose bridge, unsupported by a browbar, offers a minimalistic and streamlined style fitting in with today’s “bug eye” sunglasses trends.

Randolph fans know our products never compromise. That’s the true difference behind Cecil. These aviators may take a nod towards today’s fashion, but you’ll feel the difference when you pick them up and put them on. Cecil captures the same sense of style, strength, spirit and quality as when we started 45 years ago. Meet the oversized square sunglass frame made for the adventurous few over the many.

Designer Mirror Aviators

Eyewear fanatics today can’t get enough of the mirrored look.

See the below styles for our take on designer mirror aviators.

Thaden Mirrored Aviators

Northern Lights lens & 22k Chocolate Gold Satin frame: A reflective flash mirror blue aviator.

Noyes Mirrored Aviators

Rose Gold lens and 22k Blush Gold frame: A full mirror rose gold aviator.

Cecil Mirrored Aviators

Rose Gold lens and 22k Blush Gold frame: A full mirror rose gold aviator.

Authentic, Classic Aviators

Our sunglasses are made with the world’s finest jewelry-quality materials, sourced responsibly and handcrafted on American soil.

Authentic aviators are built for the modern adventurer. From great heights, your perspective needs the best. You may explore the skies, the oceans, or even the cities. Randolphs make the ultimate travel companion.

These designer aviators are just the start to Randolph’s stake on this year’s eyewear industry. Be on the lookout through the spring and summer of 2019 for some of our biggest releases yet.

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