Randolph Sunglasses Objective Review: Shade Review Spotlight

Are you looking for an objective review on Randolph Engineering sunglasses?

Shade Review is the most followed sunglass review channel on YouTube and provides honest reviews of established sunglass brands from all around the world.

Both Randolph Engineering’s Aviator and Concorde made the channel’s cut. Find each one featured for their advanced specs and what sets them apart when compared to similar sunglasses.

Aviator Sunglasses Review

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The review starts with mention of hundreds of requests to review Randolph Engineering’s Aviator sunglasses. The pair reviewed are the largest offered with 58mm lenses and 20mm bridge. The medium size is also mentioned in 55mm lenses and 20mm bridge.

The frames have been handmade in Randolph, Massachusetts since 1973 ensuring high-quality with each and every pair. Randolph Aviators are entirely unique, carrying out the exact style for the past 45 years, and also providing frames to the US military.

The review comments on the lifetime guaranteed solder joints as the “hinge quality is absolutely fantastic because they’re handmade in America.”

With a gold finish five times the industry standard, “it’s really going to reduce the amount of scratches you’re going to get on the glasses… preserving the look for a long time.” Randolph sunglasses are built to last a generation or two with premium quality metals and finishes that will endure tough environments.

Made with SkyTec™ Mineral Glass, “glass lenses have the absolute best clarity.” Randolph sunglasses are engineered for the skies to prevent distortion during flight. This means they are also built to provide complete eye protection for pilots. The review explains they give “extremely good coverage from the sun.”

Best of all, the high-quality from Randolph Engineering comes from our dedication to manufacturing in America. The review ends by emphasizing they are “overall an absolutely fantastic pair of sunglasses” and “when you buy a pair, you’re supporting American jobs and getting American-build quality.”

Specs include:

  • Randolph logo in top left corner of lens

  • RE logo on temple

  • Bayonet temples

  • Made out of all metal material

  • Jewelry-quality 23K Gold plating at 5x the industry standards

  • Randolph USA insignia engraved within the temple tip

  • Randolph Made in USA inner right temple engraving

  • Fully adjustable nose pads

  • Heavy feel with all-glass lenses

  • Bridges with etched information for size

Concorde Sunglasses Review

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From the start, the medium-sized Concorde’s lens shape is compared to the Aviator by noting the traditional pilot shape versus Randolph’s unique squared Aviator shape. They are also compared to medium Ray-Ban aviators in size. The dimensions are 57mm lens size and 15mm bridge.

The hinges are described as “very satisfying to open and close,” thanks to Randolph’s state of the art solder joints with a lifetime guarantee. The bayonet temples are described as “fitting everybody’s face absolutely perfectly,” compared to skull temples which may hit your ear at odd angles.

When compared to other sunglasses that are similar, the review claims they are “one of the best looking aviator-style aviators you can buy.” The shape pays homage to the traditional pilot shape dating back to WWI.

All Randolph Engineering sunglasses are manufactured in America. The quality is traced back to the process of creating Concorde sunglasses in Randolph, Massachusetts and the review ends with “there’s something really nice about sunglasses that are handmade in America.”

Specs include:

  • Randolph logo over the left lens

  • A capital “P” for polarized behind the logo facing inwards

  • Nose pads with grip

  • Premium all metal hinges

  • 24K gold dipped finish

  • Ear rest with bayonet temple

  • Randolph USA insignia engraved within the temple tip

  • RE logo on both temples

  • Heavy feel with quality glass lenses

  • Bridges with etched information for size

When you purchase a pair of Randolph Engineering sunglasses, you’re not just buying another pair of sunglasses. Randolph Eyewear offers quality protection built to last a lifetime and to travel with you around the world.

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