Give a gift that’s guaranteed for life. Get thanks for years to come.

The most memorable holiday gifts are those that last a lifetime. Or two.

That’s why Randolph Engineering sunglasses make excellent gifts for your loved ones.

Randolph sunglasses are handcrafted with jewelry-quality metals and superior lens options, built to endure your toughest outdoor adventures.


Rectangular-shaped frame with premium acetate.


Soft square-shaped frame with premium acetate.

Aviators are a fashionable and bold style choice for men and women of all ages.

Certain styles tend to look best on one gender over the other, so we have recommendations on choosing the perfect pair of aviators for your husband, wife, sibling, parent, or dear friend this holiday season.

Why Randolphs for Christmas?

Did you know Randolph sunglasses are responsibly sourced? Not only do our luxury sunglasses contain precoius metals such as 24k Gold and Ruthenium, they come from a good place. Our gold is recycled.

Each and every pair of Randolphs go through a strict manufacturing process. Over 50+ experts play a role in 200+ steps over the course of 6 weeks to create all sunglasses. Our quality checks are the most rigid in the industry to ensure all sunglassess are handcrafted to perfection. Randolphs are drop tested, wear tested and miltary approved.

We offer a wide range of precious metals and lens types to choose from to match everyone’s individual style. Some prefer nuetral lens tints with gray or tan, while others enjoy flash mirror with unique colors and gradients. Our selections are flexible to let everyone choose their own extraordinary style.

As an American small family business, we’re proud of where we come frome and we’re reinventing where we’re going.

SUNGLASSES Gifts for Her

Aviators offer women a bold and powerful look full of heritage. Many of Randolph’s most recent feminine styles are streamlined with fewer angles to fit petite faces, too.

Now is the perfect time to gift authentic aviators with modern, updated features to best fit the adventurous women of today.

In early 2019, Randolph released several styles of women’s designer sunglasses named after famous female pilots to help capture Randolph’s rich history and values.


Hand-inlaid with premium acetate, the Fusion Collection is ultra-comfortable with new lightweight styles. The Elinor is our latest style, an oversized square shape that pays homage to a 70s “Jackie O” shape that’s stood the test of time. Similar to Cecil, Elinor offers a great shape to fit many face types.

Find Elinor in Cape Sand brown and Coastal Gray lens colors paired with matching Mazzuchelli acetate.


Randolph’s most popular frame among our female fans, the 23k Chocolate Gold Amelia blends into wardrobes like a piece of jewelry. Flattering and lightweight, this frame will become her favorite new accessory. An ideal gift for the special someone in your life who deserves the best.

The name pays homage to the iconic Amelia Earhart, the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic.


The rounded style dates back to aviators worn by submariners, but Hamilton takes the evolution of the frame shape a step further. This lightweight geometric frame is fashion forward yet vintage in design, with it’s round hexagonal shape dating back to the 1920’s.

Hamilton was inspired by our retired Franklin and Jefferson shapes.


The ultimate pair of aviators designed to fit small faces, Thaden is a petite and compact aviator-style frame with a subtle and unique geometric lens shape. Many women believe aviators are only fit for wider face shapes, so Randolph released Thaden to offer the Randolph iconic look to our fans with small faces.

The frame is named after Louise McPhetridge Thaden, winner of the first Women’s Air Derby in 1929.


Randolph’s Fusion Collection pairs premium, organic acetate with precious metals for a comfortable and stylish look. The P3 is a round style that compliments many face shapes and is worn by celebreties, pop-culture icons, adventurers and tastemakers alike.

The P3 is the original submariner sunglasses and we’ve updated this style for Randolph fans the world over.

Luxury Sunglasses

Jewlery-quality, premium details.

For women with a story worth telling.

Sunglasses Gifts for HIM

Randolphs are born from aviation and offer a classcially masculine look. The aviator style is timeless and simplistic, pairing perfectly with subtle accessories such as watches and cuff links.

For those who spend time outdoors year round, durable sunglasses are a must-have. Randolph’s lens tints offer superior optical features to help reduce eye fatigue so you spend even more time doing what you love. They are excellent for driving and equally fit those who either commute far distances or like to take adventurous road trips.

With quality that rivals a camera lens, gain a perspective unlike any other. There’s nothing quite like the aviator style.


A familiar style, the Archer has been re-invented for the Fusion Collection, pairing luxury acetate with a shape that Randolph fans know and love. The new acetate inlays are lighter in weight than past Fusion sunglasses. Archer’s new lenses also have a darker gradient tint than others in the collection.

Find the Fusion Archer with Cape Sand brown and Coastal Gray lens colors paired with matching Mazzuchelli acetate.


It’s the classic Aviator for the classic man. Our signature frame is plated in stunning jewelry-grade finishes 5x the industry standard. This is sure to impress that someone in your life who appreciates the finer things. Sleek bayonet temples and top-quality lenses will keep him looking dapper all year long.

The Aviator in the White Gold Collection offers a Rhodium finish with two lens types, AGX Green or Hydro Blue.


For the person on your list who is always effortlessly cool, we have the Anderson, our latest square aviator.

These vintage frame sunglasses feature a saddle-style nose bridge and strong brow bar for added attitude. The Anderson is named after Boston-born Major Scott Douglas Anderson, who was known for completing the flight-testing of the first certified whole-plane parachute recovery system in 1998.


A re-imagined take on our Concorde, the Yeager is exactly what a man on the go needs.

Yeager is a slimmer, lighter frame with wider lens coverage, when compared to traditional Randolph styles. Yeager is named after record-setting test pilot Charles Elwood Yeager, who in 1947 became the first pilot to have exceeded the speed of sound in level flight.


Look no further for a vintage round style, born from aviation and adapted to the modern era: Douglas.

Douglas is a lightweight and style conscious frame. Handcrafted in three beautiful combinations, designed for a comfortable fit. Named after Aircraft builder McDonnell Douglas Corporation; Douglas’ classic, yet quirky shape was originally engineered for submariners in the 1980’s.

Authentic Aviators

Built to last a lifetime.

For men who see things differently.

Wear Randolphs for Life

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Luxury, unisex & built for life.


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