Randolph x BKc P-51 Capusle Collection

Randolph and The Brooklyn Circus have created a capsule collection that shares the history of five Haitian pilots who served in the United States military during World War II as a part of the Tuskegee Airmen.

Limited Edition P-51 Capsule Collection

Randolph x BKc P-51 Acetate Frames

In partnership with The Brooklyn Circus Founder and Creative Director, Ouigi Theodore, the Limited-Edition Capsule Collection shares the un-told story of five Haitian pilots who served in the United States Army Air Corps during WWII. The preservation of these powerful stories contributes to Ouigi’s 100-Year Plan to preserve history and protect the legacy of the brave heroes of the past.

Craftsmanship Spotlight: American-Made Acetate

Born from history and popular demand, Meet the P-51 our first acetate frames in a decade.

Randolph x BKc P-51 Acetate Frames

As one of the last remaining U.S.-based eyewear manufacturers, it was of great importance to stay true to our heritage and keep all our eyewear Made in the USA.


That’s just what we did. Staying true to our mission of engineering high quality eyewear right here in the USA. Experience the bold durability and timeless appeal of our American-made acetate frames.


Introducing the all-new P-51: Randolph's first acetate frame in a decade, designed in partnership with BKc.

Drawing design cues from the Tuskegee airmen's planes, it's a modern reimagining of our iconic Invader.

Randolph Engineering x BKc P-51 Acetate Sunglasses

Randolph Engineering x BKc P-51 Acetate Sunglasses

    • Distinctive Frame Finishes: Our Made in USA acetate frames come in Translucent Smoke, with a custom sky and cloud motif core wire, and Military Olive, a salute to the U.S. Military and our shared heritage with The Brooklyn Circus.
    • Pastel or Slate Lenses: Experience the world through our SkyForce™ lenses, available in non-polarized Pastel for a subtle, serene view, or Gradient Cape Sand and Gradient Slate for a polarized perspective that cuts through glare with the precision of a fighter pilot.
    • Inspired by History: Named after the P-51 Mustang, a single seat fighter and fighter-bomber used prominently during World War II.
    • Randolph Re-Engineering: Tapping into our rich history, Randolph is reviving the iconic Invader frame. Redesigned in collaboration with The Brooklyn Circus., it's been re-envisioned as the P-51.

The new silhouette is named for the U.S. Army Air Corps plane that the Haitian Tuskegee Airmen piloted and incorporates design elements that honor their service. The five-barrel hinge MiUSA acetate frame in Translucent Smoke features a custom, hand-drawn sky and cloud motif etched on the core wire. Additional details include a Gunmetal post shape inspired by the U.S. Army Air Corps emblem.


P-51 Sun Clip: Adaptability on the Go

Inspired by the World War II era, the RANDOLPH P-51 Sun Clip is designed to blend the signature look of the Aviator II sweat bar with the fighter pilot goggles of the Haitian Tuskegee Airmen. The unique eyewear design symbolizes a spinning propeller and is handcrafted in Gunmetal as an accessory for the P-51 pastel lens.

Snap into a new perspective with the P-51 Sun Clip.


Exclusive Perks with Every Purchase

The RANDOLPH for The Brooklyn Circus P-51 comes with a co-branded cleaning cloth, off-white silk scarf, a cognac case with the design specifications for the P-51, and The Brooklyn Circus rich cranberry collectors box featuring The Brooklyn Circus elephant logo.

Beyond Style: A Salute to Heroes with Randolph x BKC.

Beyond the fabric and thread, this collection weaves a deeper narrative. It’s a salute to those brave black souls, who donned their uniforms, and fought to safeguard our rights and freedoms. Before they themselves were truly free.

So, with that said we in hope, that through the crafting and wearing of these offerings, we keep their spirit alive.

Echoing their voices, reliving their courage, and standing united with their cause.

So, today step out in more than just style. Step out in history.

Randolph x BKc P-51 Acetate Frames

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