A Year with Maxime and Her P3s in Germany

Randolph exists for the adventurous and bold.

As we manufacture in America, we live by our values, focused on providing only the best and most durable sunglasses available to our fans.

Without our fans, we wouldn’t be able to engineer for the few over the many. For every pair of Randolphs, you’ll find an explorer. Every moment you step outside, we have you prepared to seize the daylight.

Today, we’re featuring a fan of Randolph Engineering who comes all the way from Germany!

Round Sunglasses for Year-round

Round sunglasses, the P3 in 23k Gold and Gray Glass. | Randolph Engineering

Summer with Maxime in Cologne, Germany

Round sunglasses for summer time, worn by Maxime. | Randolph EngineeringPeace Dress from @virginia_conceptstore (📸: @mariushoppe)


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The journey with Maxime and her P3s begins in Cologne, Germany on a sunny August afternoon.

She’s fashionable in her Peace Dress and sporting The P3 in 23k Gold, Gray Glass and Skull Temple. For more on Cologne from Instagram, check out the hashtag #koelnergram!

P3s offer an elevated and classic style with highly durable materials. Originally worn by submariners, the P3s are both a throwback to military heritage and a rounded style for today’s trend-setters. For those who value the best visual protection from the sun and a built-to-last American made accessory in 23K gold fashion, the P3s are hard to beat.

Fall with Maxime in Aachen, Germany

Round sunglasses for fall, worn by Maxime. | Randolph EngineeringComfy sweaters, headbands, hot drinks, pretty colours. I guess we can kiss summer goodbye

Picture: @mariushoppe.


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Maxime is ready for fall in September and kissing summer goodbye. In a denim jacket and pink striped headband, she rocks her P3s, looking forward to the pretty colors of the autumn and hot cocoa.

It’s always easy to look on the bright side in Randolphs! The P3 style is fitting for all seasons, bringing a bold and curious look to all your brightest days. As long as the sun remains overhead, Randolphs are ready to be your travel companion.

Winter with Maxime in Aachen, Germany

Round sunglasses for the winter, worn by Maxime. | Randolph EngineeringMatching the weather is a winter look for you. As you can easily recognize the look, I carry Texas a bit with me. The only thing missing is the matching cowboy boots and a blade of grass à la Lucky Luke.Texas is definitely still on top of my bucket list of places that I would like to explore in more detail. Together with Tibet, México, Bali and Alaska. At some point I’ll do that too. What are your favorite places or travel destinations that you absolutely want to see and experience?

: @mariushoppe


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Even as the seasons change to February, sunglasses never go out of style. Maxime styles her P3s to a Texas-inspired look, including her cowboy hat, long jacket, high-waisted jeans and a bouquet of daisies. Texas tops her bucket list. Some say head over heels, Maxime says #hatoverheels!

Not to mention — this is the ultimate America-inspired eyewear shape, originating with the very first pair of spectacles invented by Ben Franklin. They’ve been adapted for military use, praised by American icons, and now worn by fans around the world.

Spring with Maxime in Aachen, Germany

Round sunglasses for the spring, worn by Maxime. | Randolph EngineeringScrunchies time! When mucking out the last time I fell in the eye. 90’s Vibe going strong .. and guess who I’ll visit tomorrow? I wish you all a nice evening

: @mariushoppe


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On a March afternoon with a 90s inspired look, Maxime is out enjoying spring’s sunny weather. She sports a leather jacket, a blue scrunchie and, of course, her retro P3s. There’s nothing quite like the right shades to help send a strong vibe.

Rounded glasses have been a favorite of many celebrities and musicians — perfectly fitting a throwback 90s afternoon.

Rounded Sunglasses for Year-round Adventures

Round sunglasses for year-round, worn by Maxime. | Randolph EngineeringBrum Bruuum We were traveling fast in the beautiful Lingen today! It was an incredibly cool charity event with lots of horsepower and hot bends. Thanks to @ t.a.d.c @dagiluehn for the cool day and @ jessiicooper @ nik_schroeder @chameenloca for the funny troupe! ️ ️ We will end the evening still native and I hope you all make even a beautiful evening you pretty! ️

: @jessiicooper ———————

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Maxime’s journey ends with another adventure! In high-waisted striped pants and a white crop-top, she heads to Lingen on a road trip for a charity event.

We’re honored Maxime can take Randolph on her journey in P3s! We exist for the extraordinary, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Be sure to follow Maxime on Instagram to follow her on every adventure.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest where we’re always on the lookout for extraordinary fans wearing our styles. Use #MyRandolphs for a chance to be featured.

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