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Here in Randolph, Massachusetts, we engineer eyewear for those who have a story worth telling.

Our handcrafted, durable sunglasses have made their way around the world. It wouldn’t be possible without Randolph’s many extraordinary fans.

Sam and Alexa from TravelingPursuit are among those adventurers. We’ve recently caught up with them on their travels from Thailand to Puerto Rico and beyond. We hope all Randolph fans are able to plan their own scenic experiences of a lifetime. Read more on how TravelingPursuit has embraced a fresh perspective through Randolphs.

Elegant, modern, minimalistic, yet fit for everyday use for adventure seekers like us.

Who is TravelingPursuit?

Hi, TravelingPursuit! Randolph fans may have seen you pop up on our pages, but for those who aren’t familiar with your work, tell us about yourselves!

We are Sam and Alexa from the sunny island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. We are currently living in the countryside, about two minutes from the North Coast and some of the most amazing beaches of PR. We have been together for 10+ years, four married and six together.

Sam is 35 and Alexa is 30. We are a laid back couple who loves a good adventure and we are always seeking them. We are huge travel fans and love documenting our adventures, whether they are local road trips or excursions abroad. For work, Sam is a Marketeer, and Alexa is an architect. We are both dog lovers and we have two dogs; Enzo the Golden Retriever and Atlas the Black German Shepherd.

Why Become “TravelingPursuit?”

Now we are a little better acquainted, what sparked your love for travel?

It all started after we got married about 4 ½ years ago with our honeymoon to Europe when we totally fell in love with Madrid. When we got back, we set our minds and efforts on moving to Spain. One year later, we were living in Madrid along with our Golden Retriever, Enzo.

Thanks to the time spent there, our lives changed forever when we discovered our passion for content creation, photography and filming. Once we moved back to PR, we launched our own production and digital content studios.

How Have Randolphs Enhanced Your Perspective?

What extraordinary sights have you seen though your Randolphs?

We use our Randolphs on a daily basis. We truly love them and they are part of our everyday life. With our frames, we’ve seen the famous Phi Phi Island of Thailand and Phang Nga Bay, which looks like it was taken from a movie! We’ve also seen the huge cosmo city of Bangkok and lots of unique and impressive temples in Thailand.

Randolphs are unique to us because they are so well built, you really can see and feel the quality of the finished product. We love Randolphs because of the attention to detail put into every design, and how the brand fits so well with our lifestyle. Elegant, modern, minimalistic, yet fit for everyday use for adventure seekers like us.

In Vietnam, we got to witness one of the seven natural wonders of the world as we cruised and kayaked along the Halong Bay. It was a great sunny day so our frames kept us in check and in style. We have also been to numerous crystal clear beaches and the central mountainous region of the island in Puerto Rico.

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Where is TravelingPursuit’s Favorite Place in the World?

You two have such a great story! Where has been your favorite place to travel so far, and why?

We think every place and corner of the world is beautiful and worth experiencing, so choosing one place is hard. For us our favorite place in the world has to be Madrid. Even though we don’t live there anymore, we consider it our everlasting home because it holds a very special and sentimental place in our hearts. But when talking about the favorite place we have traveled so far together, then that should be Peru.

The country of Peru feels as if their roots and cultures of the past are still thriving today. We loved it so much because you can really feel and sense their Inca culture and it’s evident everywhere you go and in everything you see. The food is awesome, people are really nice, the culture and history is vibrant, you have such a dynamic landscape (mountains, valleys, city, desert, coast, jungle, the Andes and then you have one of the 7 wonders of the earth in Machu Picchu).

The P3

The P3 with American Gray SkyTec™ lens and 23k Gold frame

The P3 Fusion

The P3 Fusion with Evergreen SkyForce Air™ lens / Matte Black Inlay and 23k Gold frame

Why Choose the P3 and P3 Fusion?

Thanks for taking Randolph Sunglasses on your adventures! What made you choose the P3 and P3 Fusion?

We chose these two styles because they fit with our overall style and current lifestyle.

The P3s are modern and edgy, yet minimalistic, comfortable frames and are really well constructed, so they go hand-in-hand with our adventurous and spirited lifestyle. We also chose these two styles because they are different but similar in shape. So when it comes to eyewear, we like to look for ways to not perfectly match each other but want similar frame styles.

Which Pair of Randolphs Will You Try Next?

Randolph’s Product Development and Engineering teams take every care when creating a new frame, or reinventing an old one. Which frames are you excited for next?

We can’t wait to take our new Hamilton and Douglas sunglasses to our next upcoming trip to Iceland in September.

We have been talking about this trip for more than three years and we are really looking forward to it. We’re so excited to take brand new Randolphs along with us as well. Iceland promises to have lots of breathtaking scenery and we are super excited to see the change of seasons from summer to autumn. This trip has the potential to be the best place we have been so far!

The Hamilton

The Hamilton with Autumn Sunset SkyForce-P™ lens and 22k Rose Gold frame

The Douglas

The Douglas with Autumn Sunset SkyForce-P lens and 22k Champagne Gold frame

Where Else Do You Recommend Traveling?

Your pictures are absolutely stunning! If you had to pick your top five destinations, where would they be?

We loved Morocco. We have been there twice. Thailand and Croatia are also at the top of the list, followed by Spain of course.

And then I, (Sam) would say Nicaragua, but that was because of a surfing trip I did there in 2014 and I have always said that the 2 weeks I spent there were some of the best of my life.

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