Ray Donovan Sunglasses


Ray Donovan, the main character from the self titled hit Showtime TV show, wears Randolph Aviator sunglasses in almost every episode!

Check them out for yourself! Randolph Engineering Aviator Sunglasses: Matte Chrome Aviators 

Ray Donovan Sunglasses

What pair of sunglasses does the character Ray Donovan wear? Ray Donovan wears sunglasses by Randolph Engineering. The style found in the show is the Aviator in Matte Chrome frame and American Gray lens.

Aviator Specs:

    • Engineered for military pilots with superior optics.

    • Proprietary lens technology for excellent coverage, eye protection, and enjoyable lens colors.

    • Jewelry-quality metals plated at 5x the industry standard

    • Drop ball tested for durability.

    • Guaranteed to last a lifetime. Or two.


This awards-nominated Showtime crime drama, starring Liev Schreiber hit the scene in 2013 and depicts the life of Ray Donovan, a professional “fixer” for the rich and famous in LA who can seemingly vanish anyone’s problems (except those created by his own family)!

Own the Ray Donovan look:

With these Randolph Engineering Sunglasses: Gray Glass Aviators with Matte Chrome Frames

Square sunglasses for circular-shaped face: the Aviator. | Randolph Engineering

Ray Donovan, characters and images copyright Showtime

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