Randolph’s Iconic Style On National Sunglasses Day: Acquire Magazine

It’s not everyday we get to celebrate our frames with the nation.

Without realizing, you may pay homage to US military pilots when you step outside and feel the sun. We’re lucky we get to pay homage every day by handcrafting our battle-tested shades. On this day, the limelight is on our precision-engineered style: the Aviator.

Acquire Magazine has featured our iconic style, military issued for over four decades:

In 1978, Randolph Engineering released the HGU-4/P Aviator ($219) as a sunglass for Air Force pilots. The frame has always been built to military standards and is still produced for the Navy and Air Force to this day. Randolph also happens to be the last remaining metal eyewear company in the states and each frame is still produced from their factory outside of Boston, MA.

Our origins remain as a US-based manufacturer, specialized in eyewear for both pilots and tastemakers alike. Today, Randolph is still family-owned and operated. And we are still handcrafting the finest eyewear with top-grade materials, classic designs and a relentless attention to detail and quality. But what’s different about Randolphs? All the other eyewear manufactures have gone overseas.

Randolph decided to stay here.

The Aviator in Bright Chrome and Gray Glass Lens, featured by Acquire Magazine . SKU: AF085. | Randolph Engineering

Our Aviators are available in Matte Chrome, 23k Gold and other premium-quality metal finishes. For every pair, we offer a warranty on the frames to repair any broken solder joints. That’s because we engineer our frames to last a lifetime — or two.

You may enjoy browsing our Infinity Lenses, where you can pair your favorite classic frames with the color hues of your dreams. With a flash mirror style, show off an outward reflection while protecting your eyes from inner reflections.

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